** 20% off Initial Consult -$32 value- to those wanting to conceive or anyone presenting with a photo of this advertisement before 31stMay*******

Every male wanting a child should be on Zinc supplements as every male loses zinc everytime they ejaculate. This affects digestive function, immune function as well as sperm motility! Women…hormones are positively affected by diet and herbal tinctures. Your condition does NOT define your future.

At Living Waters Health our dedicated, qualified naturopaths have not found a symptom that is too hard to treat. Post cancer treatment, hot flushes reduction, fertility enhancement, pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition, autoimmune disease symptom reduction-Hashimotos can be most easily treated out of the autoimmune diseases we have encountered- are some of the areas that clients have been very satisfied with.  We use diet and herbal medicine in the well researched tincture form to help your body’s production of energy increase. If you’re prepared to add in some extra veggies and a few weekly walks then your treatment will have maximum benefit.

We’re located at 14  Taylor Avenue Turramurra with ample parking. Operating from the business owner’s house, you’ll feel very relaxed in Emma and Liz’s competent consultation process.

Those in management of 30 people- due to burn out risk will have 20% off Initial Consults -saving of $32-until May.

Ministers and missionaries including any overseas as online consults are welcome, receive 50% off Initial Consults.


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  1. Emma
    Emma (Listing owner)

    “When I first saw Emma, I was feeling lethargic, lacking energy and had several health issues. I followed Emma’s recommendations quite strictly which included adding more vegetables to my diet and I did my best to stick to the 10 000 steps a day target. Within three weeks I had lost 5kgs, had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and had a DROP in my blood pressure from 190/110 to 111/63!! I highly recommend Emma” Kim

    16 February 2022 at 2:58 pm

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