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Did you know that teaching mindfulness to kids equips them with the tools they need to build self-esteem, manage stress, and approach challenges? Research shows it also increases concentration, compassion and results in improved overall well-being.

Join us for a fun session of mindful and creative activities for children 3-6 years old designed to teach your little ones valuable life skills such as learning to take care of themselves, to recognize their emotions and cultivate important qualities like gratitude, kindness, respect, self-confidence and cooperation.

Throughout the session, you and your child will engage in a variety of activities that promote relaxation, mindfulness and imagination, through nature play, art and craft, body movement, creativity, storytelling, breathing techniques, and cooperative play. There’s something for every little mind to enjoy and explore!

  • Small groups of maximum 8 children.
  • One FREE trial per child, then, $38/session.
  • Siblings and term discounts available. 

Classes are available every Wednesday from 9.30-11am, Wednesdays 4-5.30pm, Fridays 9.30-11am, and some Sundays from 9.30-11am. If you’re interested in opening another timeframe, please email us at [email protected]. Northern Beaches and Chatswood area available upon request. 

We will be meeting in the park at St Ives Village Green, but in the event of rain or extreme heat, we will have an indoor location ready. Please note that parents are required to stay for the duration of the session to strengthen the bond with their child. Some activities are designed for the children, while others are for everyone to enjoy together.

Safety is our top priority, as the park is unfenced. Parents are responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of their child/children.

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Who am I? I’m a qualified secondary school teacher and ambassador for Mon Moment Magique, the first concept of well-being sessions for kids in France. My daughter is my magic assistant. We are originally from Belgium but our family is now Belgo-Australian. I’m passionate about environmental protection and the study of emotions.

Don’t miss out on this transformative class that combines fun and learning! Your child will gain valuable skills and memories to take home. Let’s embark on this mindful and creative journey together!

I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness – The Art of Happiness, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler.


One FREE trial per child, then, $38/session.
Siblings and term discounts available. 


  1. Tess

    My two kids and I had a lovely session with Alizée! The kids loved the variety of calming and creative activities. As part of the session we made paper boats and they spent the whole next afternoon in imaginiate play with their boats and folding more of them!

    10 February 2024 at 12:53 pm
  2. Selina

    We loved our magic adventure with Jarrah! 🤩🤩 Esp the bush collection to make a beautiful new crown…imagination can really bring us anywhere! Thank you for being such an empathetic moderator/teacher, we’ve both enjoyed our classes immensely. It’s so good to discuss n normalize emotions. Love the dancing n plenty of other bits (don’t want to let on too much 🤣)

    4 February 2024 at 7:54 pm
  3. Alizee (Listing owner)

    ” Thank you so much Ladies for such a wonderful morning, was so nice to meet you. Indigo and I thoroughly enjoyed it, she walked away very relaxed and is using some of the methods we learnt already”. 
    – Alice

    3 February 2024 at 8:43 pm
  4. Alizee (Listing owner)

    ”Ruby said her favourite part was creating her “emotions temperature”!! She was very excited to show Daddy tonight and has been asking how I’m feeling all day and referring back to it on the fridge!! It was such a lovely resource to make together”.
    – Amanda

    3 February 2024 at 8:43 pm
  5. Alizee (Listing owner)

    “I found your session so wonderful. I could tell that something “magique” happened to me, like seeing my inner child and knowing that I wish I had something like that. So even if Pip doesn’t quite get it yet I know she will!”
    – Vic

    3 February 2024 at 8:42 pm

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