Baby Sensory is a multi award winning baby development class. We’ve won the best baby development class for five years running in Australia! Our classes include baby development information and loads of ideas for home play and connection that will leave you feeling empowered with new knowledge and ways to play, interact and enjoy this precious time with your baby.

Other things we include in our weekly classes are sensory play, baby sign language, massage, music, dance, light shows, puppet shows, messy play, exercise, bonding, instruments, home made play and toys, gross and fine motor skill activities, visual displays that are set to delight and amaze your baby and we also provide time to socialise and connect with the other families in class.

Our classes will leave you and your baby with such magical memories and moments of bonding, to the best, most varied collection of music- from Mozart to Rock and Roll- we have it all!

Your baby’s first year of life is vitally important, and they learn like no other time in their entire lives. In fact their brain doubles in volume as a direct result of sensory and stimulating activities. Come along to Baby Sensory and enjoy all this fun and learning with us! 

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