Reaching your forties doesn’t mean it’s too late or that you’re too old. Looking and feeling great is all about nurturing your health and vitality, both in body and mind.

Genetics can certainly influence the aging process, but factors like stress, lifestyle choices, environmental conditions, overall health, and the consistency of your skincare routine also play a significant role in determining the condition of your skin. While some of these factors are beyond our control, the right maintenance can have a profound impact on achieving a youthful appearance.

At Ikigai, we aim to transform your perspective on aging and help you understand that it’s possible to enhance the quality of your skin and maintain its best appearance. With the right skincare regimen, we can effectively slow down the aging process.

Let us assist you in combating the signs of aging with our non-invasive treatments designed to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, accelerating the renewal of skin cells and boosting collagen production to protect your skin from further damage.

At Ikigai, we take a holistic approach to women’s beauty, focusing on reducing stress, promoting inner calm, and creating balance in your life. Our treatments go beyond enhancing external beauty; they also work to heal stagnant energy within your body and align your energetic soul.

Experience our unique treatments, which not only enhance your beauty but also radiate from within, leaving you with a vibrant and glowing aura.


Introductory offer!

We would love to introduce our Bespoke facial to all new guests. Book for your first facial for only $120 and receive a complementary 15min back massage and 15min red light therapy with your treatment. 

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