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The North Shore Mums team with their kids - from babies to tweens! Image: Katherine Millard Photography

Wondering who the North Shore Mums is, and if they’re the right demographic for your business? Our 2020 Reader Survey reveals how old they are, where they live, how many kids they have, income and so much more!

North Shore Mums: Demographics


87% of North Shore Mums are aged between 30-49 years:

  • 31%: 35-39 years
  • 26%: 40-44 years
  • 17%: 30-34 years.

Location (LGA)

Where do North Shore Mums live? Below is the distribution of North Shore Mums via their Local Government Area (LGA, or local council area).

The distribution of mums across the North Shore is very similar to the total population distribution for each Local Government Area. According to the 2016 Census, the populations were:

  • 142,667 people in the Hornsby local government area (covers North Shore and Hills District)
  • 118,053 people in the Ku-ring-gai Council local government area
  • 74,302 people in the Willoughby local government area
  • 67,658 people in the North Sydney local government area
  • 36,051 people in the Lane Cove local government area
  • 28,474 people in the Mosman local government area

Number of children

50% of readers have two children, 33% have one child, 14% have three children.

Age of children

Parents of children under 5 years

Many mums join North Shore Mums when they’re either pregnant with their first child, or when they have a baby and are seeking support during those challenging first years.

  • 3% of our readers are currently pregnant.
  • 18% have a baby (0-11 months)
  • 25% have a  toddler (1-2 years)
  • 30% have a pre-schooler (3-4 years)

Parents of Primary school aged children

As North Shore Mums grows, so too does the age distribution of our children! Many mums first joined North Shore Mums in the early years (2012) when they had babies. But eight years on, these babies are now almost through Primary school!

Relationship Status

The majority of North Shore Mums are married (82%). 9% are in a defacto relationship, and 4% are single.

Working Status

36% of North Shore Mums work part time, 24% full time and 11% are self-employed. 13% are on maternity leave and 12% are a stay-at-home mum.

Annual Household Income

Across Greater Sydney, the median annual household income is $91,000 (Census, 2016). The North Shore Mums household income is much higher than this, with 83% of families earning more than $100,000 per year.

  • 43% earn $100-200k
  • 24% earn $200-300k
  • 8% earn $300-400k
  • 9% earn over $400k

Home Ownership

9% of North Shore Mums own their own house with no mortgage. 57% own (with a mortgage) and 34% rent.

Type of dwelling

64% of North Shore Mums live in a house, 28% live in an apartment and 8% live in a Townhouse.


Impact of North Shore Mums on the lives of mums 

  • 82% either agree or strongly agree that ‘North Shore Mums has made me feel more connected with the community’
  • 78% have “visited a destination or an attraction after reading an article about it on the NSM website”

Who makes the purchase decisions for the family?

We’ve always known that Mums are usually the person in the family who researches and makes the decisions on most of the major items in the family life. This research just confirms assumptions! Mums are the ones who book kids classes and activities, presents for families and friends, kids clothes, groceries and homewares.

Top 5 Items Mums soley buy

  1. Gifts for family & friends (91%)
  2. Kids Clothes (90%)
  3. Kids Classes & Activities (83%)
  4. Groceries (72%)
  5. Homewares (71%)

Both mum and her partner are more likely to make joint decisions on furniture, holidays and tradespeople.

Finding out about new services

We asked: When you’re looking for a local business (like a dentist, plumber, kids class, photographer), where do you usually go for information to research suppliers and get more information?

It’s no surprise that personal recommendations from a friend are the most influential factor in any purchase decision – which reinforces why exceptional customer service and exceeding customers expectations is so important for any business. In the absence of a friend who can recommend a business, 55% turn to the North Shore Mums Facebook group to find out about services.

When it comes to advertising influence, the North Shore Mums Directory is more than six times likely to be used than newspaper advertising or flyers in letterboxes. It’s also a fraction of the price of print advertising.

To ensure our website advertisers get the benefit of the Facebook group too, they are given the opportunity to:

  • Post a free ad in the North Shore Mums Facebook group during Business Hour
  • Respond to posts asking for recommendations for local services & products


If you’ve got a listing in the North Shore Mums Directory (or considering advertising in the Directory), you’ll want to get your head around these facts.

  • 56% said ‘yes’ to the statement: “I’ve used the Directory on the website to find a local service“.
  • 78% said ‘yes’ to the statement: “I’m more likely to choose a business in Directory if the listing includes reviews” – so if you’ve got a listing in the NSM Directory, ensure you are actively seeking reviews from your satisfied customers.

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