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North Shore Mums: Reader Profile

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Wondering who the North Shore Mums is, and if they’re the right demographic for your business? Our Reader Survey reveals how old they are, where they live, how many kids they have, income and so much more!


33% of North Shore Mums are aged 35-39 years, whilst 25% are each in the 30-34 and 40-44 age bracket. This amounts to 83% in the 30-44 age group.


Location (LGA)

The distribution of mums across the North Shore is actually very similar to the total population distribution for each Local Government Area. According to the 2011 Census, the populations were:

  • 156,847 people in the Hornsby local government area (covers North Shore and Hills District)
  • 109,297 people in the Ku-ring-gai Council local government area
  • 67,356 people in the Willoughby local government area
  • 62,289 people in the North Sydney local government area
  • 31,510 people in the Lane Cove local government area
  • 27,453 people in the Mosman local government area

Below is the distribution of North Shore Mums:


Number of children

45% of readers have two children, 39% have one child, 12% have three children.


Age of children

6% of our readers are currently pregnant. 19% have a baby (0-11 months), 33% have a  toddler (1-2 years) and 40% have a pre-schooler (3-4 years). Many have more than one in this category! Although 0-5 is the main age group of children (as many join North Shore Mums when they are pregnant or a new mum), the audience is becoming broader with many mums with children at primary school. Many mums joined NSM when they had young children 5 years ago, and these children are now going to school!

Marital Status

The vast majority of North Shore Mums are married (84%). 6% are in a defacto relationship, and 4% are single.

Working Status

34% of North Shore Mums work part time, 20% full time and 8% are self-employed. 15% are on maternity leave and 18% are a stay-at-home mum.

Annual Household Income

26% of households earn $150-200k per year. 37% earn more than $200,000.



63% of North Shore Mums live in a house, 30% live in an apartment and 5% live in a Townhouse.


Home Ownership

Almost 12% of North Shore Mums own their own house with no mortgage. 53% own (with a mortgage) and 35% rent.

Impact of North Shore Mums on the lives of mums 

  • 82% either agree or strongly agree that ‘North Shore Mums has made me feel more connected with the community’
  • 78% have “visited a destination or an attraction after reading an article about it on the NSM website”

Who makes the decisions and buys for the family?

Although we’ve always known that Mums are primarily the people who research and make the decisions on most of the major items in the family life, this research just backs up our assumptions! They’re the ones who book kids classes and activities, presents for families and friends, kids clothes, school supplies, groceries and homewares. When it comes to holidays, the decision is either joint or made by the mum (in 90% of times). 76% of mums book the tradies too!


Finding out about new services

We asked: How do you usually find out about new services (e.g. dentist, plumber, accountant, kids class, photographer)? Tick up to three options that mainly influence the company you end up choosing.

It’s no surprise that personal recommendations from a friend are the most influential factor in any purchase decision – which reinforces why exceptional customer service and exceeding customers expectations is so important for any business. In the absence of a friend who can recommend a business, 54% turn to the NSM Facebook group to find out about services.

When it comes to formal advertising, the North Shore Mums online directory is more than three times likely to be used than newspaper advertising or flyers in letterboxes. It’s also a fraction of the price of print advertising. We also give website advertisers the opportunity to post a free ad in the NSM Facebook group during business hour, giving them additional exposure to our thousands of members.



If you’ve got a listing in the North Shore Mums Directory (or thinking about listing), you’ll want to get your head around these facts.

  • 56% said ‘yes’ to the statement: “I’ve booked a local service after finding it in the NSM Directory”. With 215,000 unique users to the NSM website in six months (July – December 2016) that’s a potential of 120,000 customers who could choose you!
  • 89% said ‘yes’ to the statement: “Online recommendations and reviews affect what businesses I choose”
  • 88% said ‘yes’ to the statement: “I’m more likely to choose a business in the NSM Directory if the listing include customer reviews” – so if you’ve got a listing in the NSM Directory, ensure you are actively seeking reviews from your satisfied customers.


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