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What mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day


If you’re looking to spoil the mother of your children this Mother’s Day, you might be needing a bit of a helping hand in deciding what to give her. We asked the mums in our Facebook group what they really want for Mother’s Day this year, and their answers might surprise you. It’s not a new pair of slippers, flowers or a perfume, and it’s not some fancy chocolates or kitchen appliances. If you want to know what mums really want for Mother’s Day, read on…

“On Mother’s Day, I’d love for my husband to plan ahead and organise a lovely day where I don’t have to think about all the million things I normally do to make a lovely day happen. Cards from the kids, breakfast in bed a nice outing where he gets the kids dressed, packs all essential items for the day. It doesn’t have to cost anything other than time, effort and love.” – Pennie

A handmade Mother’s Day card or gift

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy gifts on Mother’s Day. Mums absolutely adore to receive handmade gifts from our kids – cards with beautiful messages in them, gorgeous drawings, handmade frames (with a pic of the family!) and other crafty delights. There’s nothing more heartwarming than receiving a gift where so much thought and love has gone into it.

“A home made card and a simple gift with thought… hand made or even just a drawing. It’s more about just showing the appreciation than the gifts.” – Tremynne

  • “My son is in daycare so I love the gifts he makes. My daughter’s school has a $5 Mother’s Day stall and love seeing what she buys for me & she gets so excited when she sees me using it (ie nail file, pen etc).” – Sharyn
  • “I always love a home made card/gift more than anything” – Lyns
  • “Cuddles, homemade cards, a family lunch and no tears or drama” – Sharmin
  • “Cuddles from kids and a hand made card. Nothing fancy. Even a garden pluck flower will do”- Hina
  • “My favourite gifts have always been home made.” – Stella
  • “I love a cup of tea in bed, a card and I’m a big fan of a questionnaire that the kids fill in each year.” – Jo

    A Mother’s Day gift that the child chooses

    Mother’s Day is all about children showing their appreciation for mum… so a gift that they’ve chosen themselves is really special. If your child is at school, there might be a Mother’s Day Stall where they can choose you a little gift. Otherwise, perhaps they can be given $10-20 and taken on a little shopping trip with another adult to choose something for mum.

    “All I REALLY want this year (aside from a hand-made card) is something that my kindy boy chooses from the stall at school. Not because I think it’s going to be some amazing gift but because I want to see what, in his little mind, he chooses. I’m not big on actual presents for Mother’s Day, my beautiful boy is my gift.” – Laura

    • “Watching the girls’ faces as I open their carefully and considered gifts and sometimes chuckling to myself as to why they selected said gifts. Reading the cards and their expressed words always brings a tear.’ – Carolynn
    • “I love seeing the little things they select for me” – Lauren
    • “I literally want something that the kids choose, not something I need necessarily just something they think I’d like. I’m a single mum, so I normally just give them a little money to buy something. I usually get cute stuff. This year my teenager is likely going to draw me a picture as he can’t think of anything else.” – Angie
    • “I do love what the kids get me from Mother’s Day stall at school. Last year it was a mug and a plastic wine glass – they get excited when I use them . Previous year, a silver bracelet. Excited what they’ll get me this year. Love getting love notes from them too.” – Lou

    A day “off” chores and the mental load

    Most mums agree… we’d simply love a day off doing any chores whatsoever or having to think or plan. No cooking, washing or cleaning. Plus, a day with the “mental load” taken a way. A day not having to make decision, to plan or to do any life admin. And even better? If someone else can take on this job, without us having to catch up the next day!

    So whether hubby, partner and the kids take on those jobs… or even you gift this special mum a home-delivered meal service for the week, take-away one night, book a professional cleaner, or take her car to the car wash and get it detailed.

    “From the significant other, I’d want a day off all chores. That means laundry, dishes, changing nappies, making dinner, tidying all done by everyone else (with smiles and kind hearts) while I relax with a cup of tea. Bliss” – Katie

    • “No cooking, washing or cleaning. The weekly grocery shop and menu planning done by someone else” – Rowena
    • “For things to happen (chores, meals, outings) without me having to do a single thing!” – Sonia
    • “I would be happy with having the chores done without having to ask, dinner cooked and cleaned up after.” – Cassandra
    • “I’d love just a day of not having to make decisions and organise everything and just be with my family.”
    • “A day off from chores! And not have to cook one meal or think about it “ – Damaris
    • “I want my husband to do everything I do for a day. Including remembering what to do without me having to spell it out for him.” – Katie
    • “A week of not having to think about anything for the family.” – Shruti
    • “It a day off chores and a well deserved rest in bed” – Julia
    • “I ask for the day off. From sunrise to sunset it’s the one day I get for me” – Claire
    • “Spending time with kids without actually doing any of the works (no cooking and preparing snack, no tidying up). Just the fun part!” – Fennalia
    • “A tidy house, all washing folded (and put away!!!!). Handmade sweet gifts/cards. Breakfast in bed (don’t care if it gets shared with the hands that made it, I love that they are excited and proud of their culinary efforts) absolutely no chores for Mummy on that day. No finding uniforms/ homework/ nagging etc.” – Rebekah
    • “I would love a day to not “Have” to get out of bed. To just lay in bed and do nothing. Get up when I want and not have to do anything all day. BUT I don’t want to then have to play catch up. I want someone to take over “me” for the day. – Louise

    The gift of “me time”

    Although we absolutely adore our families, we also yearn for a bit of “me time” to relax and recuperate. Some of us want this on Mother’s Day, and some of us are happy to get some kind of Gift Voucher for a night (or week!) away, a pamper experience or a special dinner out (without kids!). As they say… you can’t pour from an empty cup!

    “For Mother’s Day, I’d love a voucher for a night in a hotel by myself – room service, massage, ahhhhhhhh” – Melanie

    • “A night in a hotel – or a whole weekend! And to come home to the washing actually done, the food shop done, the kids to have attended their activities, and not to have had to organise any of it before I went.” – Amie
    • “A pledge for a sleep-in and breakfast in bed once a month. Mothers work 24/7 365 days a year, we need more than just one day off a year.” – Natalie
    • “A night in a hotel by myself to be used whenever I want” – Rowena
    • “Silence! A house so quiet I can hear a pin drop, even for just a couple of hours!” – Nia
    • “A night in a hotel with a massage thrown in!” Magdalena
    • “A day to myself such as a retreat wouldn’t go astray” – Jo
    • “Time to myself. Love my husband & kids, but I love having that time to myself every Mother’s Day.” – Kristen
    • “Day to myself with no chores or any adult responsibilities”
    • “I’d love a spa day with all treatments.” – Emma

    A special day with the family on Mother’s Day

    Whilst some mums want a day to themselves, others yearn for a special day with their family. If you’re not sure which one your mum wants… ask her!

    One of the most precious things is a special day with the family. Cuddles from the kids. Appreciation. 

    “I want fun. A day out with the family doing something where we all have fun. And then not having to cook dinner” – Alexis

    • “Just time with the family is good enough for me, having three older children in their 20’s and one 10 year old, all of us just being together “without drama” and going for a lovely walk and dinner is the perfect Mothers Day gift “ – Charmaine
    • “A sleep in, some me time (a walk & a coffee), a nice brunch shared with my family at home (cooked by hubby & the kids), some fun family time in the afternoon & the kids on their best behaviour! Oh & no chores to be done by me that day!! A gift & home made cards is a bonus.” – Sarah
    • “I literally just want my family to be happy and healthy. That is the greatest gift” – Natalie
    • “Time with family is what I want. Time with my 80 year old Mum and time with my young adult children, all so precious to me.” – Tikki
    • “A big hug from each of my kids (inc teenagers) and a peaceful day!” – Tia
    • “I just want to be surrounded by my family on Mother’s Day”. – Bambi

    Think of all the Mother’s in your life…

    Mother’s Day isn’t a happy day for everyone. Think about anyone in your world who might be sad or grieving or alone on Mother’s Day. Some may have lost a Mother or a child. Some may have lost a husband or partner. It’s important to reach out to people who might be struggling with the day, and do something special for them too.

    “Being a motherless mother I find the day very hard and mixed emotions. This year is extra tough having recently split from my husband. So this Mother’s Day, inclusiveness. Remember that some people find it very tough and/or don’t have a typical family structure.‘ – Rachel


    Want more ideas for gifts?


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