Splash-tastic celebrations! Our birthday party at Wet’n’Wild

Looking for the ultimate birthday party for your summer baby? A party at Wet’n’Wild Sydney could just be the thing you need!

A birthday party at Wet’n’Wild Sydney was the combined brilliant idea of my 8-year-old daughter Scarlett, and her BFF Heidi… who are born within a week of each other. After sussing out the party package on the Wet’n’Wild website, and chatting to Heidi’s mum, we quickly agreed that a joint birthday party was the way to go! Just quietly, we were both excited about the idea of trying out all the waterslides, even if we had to supervise ten 6-10 year olds!

So excited! Just can’t wait to get Wet’n’Wild

Our Party

Wet’n’Wild opens at 10am, so we arranged to collect the children from their homes around 9am. We each have big 7-seater cars, so could take five children each. Wet’n’Wild is located at Prospect, which is about a 30-40 minute drive from main suburbs on the North Shore like Chatswood, Gordon & Wahroonga.

We’d already received our wristbands in the post, so it was quick to enter the park. After checking in with Guest Services, we were taken to the dedicated party area by our Party Host. It was a large grassed picnic area with lots of shaded tables and benches, and just a 50m walk to the lockers and toilets.

After settling into our spot and touching up the sun block, the kids couldn’t wait to get wet’n’wild! With excited squeals, we were off to explore the huge water wonderland.

We spent the day trying out as many slides as we could, as well as the Dinosaur Lagoon (where you can relax on an inflatable ring, as you float along the long lazy river) and The Beach (which has Australia’s largest Wave Pool). We were there from 10am-4pm… and whilst we were exhausted by it was time to leave, everybody wanted to stay longer.

H2GO Racers


The party package includes lunch for the children (either chicken tenders, cheese burger or veggie burger with hot chips and a juice popper). You simply let them know when you’d like the meals delivered, and hey presto, they’re waiting for you!

It also includes delicious cupcakes, which hit the spot perfectly when we needed a mid-afternoon sugar hit to keep the energy levels high. Again, you just let them know what time you’d like them (so no need for them to be sitting in the sun for hours).

Tips for a great day

  1. Be sun smart! Obviously, if you’re spending the whole day in the sun… it’s imperative to slip, slop and slap. Suggest that all kids wear a long rash vest to give them maximum coverage, and ask parents to ensure they have a layer of 50+ sunscreen before they leave the house. You can’t wear hats or sunnies on the slides, so make sure you don’t miss the hair part. Obviously, supervising parents need to top up with sunscreen throughout the day.
  2. Pack thongs! By the afternoon, the ground can get very hot. We found ourselves running from tower to tower, ducking into the shade to stop our feet from burning. If you’ve got a pair of cheap thongs, you can put them in a safe spot near your slides to avoid the dash from tower to tower.
  3. Take advantage of Tap ‘n’ Play! We were a little slow to use this awesome feature, but it means you can reserves your ride so you can enjoy all the fun Wet ’n’ Wild Sydney has to offer and return to slide when it’s your turn. In-between ride times you can check out other slides, grab a bite to eat or hang by The Beach or Dinosaur Lagoon. There are Tap ’n’ Play kiosks all over the parks.
  4. Pack snacks! Lots of active fun in the sun creates big appetites. We packed bottles of water, individual packets of chips, pre-chopped carrots and celery with hummus, watermelon, lollies (it was a party, afterall!) and more.
  5. Get a locker! There’s nothing worse than leaving valuable items unattended and worrying about them. Ensure you can relax by getting a locker for your wallet, phone, keys and other valuable items.

Enjoying the Wave Pool

What the kids had to say

It may have been stress-free (and actually, a LOT of fun) for the adults organising the party, but did the kids enjoy it too? Here’s what they had to say:

‘My Wet’nWild party was the best birthday party I’ve ever had. It was the best day of my life! Going down those slides was super fun, and the wave pool was lots of fun too. I want to go back and do it all over again.’ – Scarlett, Birthday Girl, 8 years old.

‘It was so much fun and the slides were incredible. It was the best party ever.’ – Heidi, Birthday Girl, 8 years old.

‘Wet’n’Wild was lots of fun… so much fun I want to take all my friends there for my party! Some slides are a little scary but that’s why it’s fun. It was the best party ever. ‘ – Zoe, 8 years old

‘She has not stopped talking about it- her brothers are very envious!’ – Jasmine’s mum

The birthday girls

The Birthday Packages

The Birthday Package at Wet’n’Wild Sydney is great value. You need a minimum of 10 guests, and it’s $55/child, but this includes pretty much everything you need for the day, including:

  • Entry to Wet’n’Wild Sydney for the children
  • Delicious Kids Birthday lunch with a choice of chicken tenders, cheese burger or veggie burger with hot chips and a juice popper
  • Cupcake per child (or the option to bring your own cake)
  • Souvenir gift per child (we got to keep the lunchboxes that the lunch was served in)
  • Reserved tables in the Birthday area
  • Two adult admissions for parents of the birthday child
  • Wet’n’Wild Sydney Birthday Invitations for you to download, personalise and print

With just two adults supervising, we agreed that 10 children was plenty for us to look after. And by sharing the party, we also shared the cost – so it was just $275 per family.

Essential Details

Wet’n’Wild Sydney is located at 427 Reservoir Rd, Prospect. For more information, call 1300 369 577 or e-mail [email protected].

Rachel Chappell lives on the upper north shore with her husband and three daughters. She started North Shore Mums Facebook group in June 2012, when she moved to the area with lots of questions, but not many local friends to ask. A year later, she decided to take the Facebook group to the next level by launching the North Shore Mums website. Before children, she worked as a Marketing Manager in women's magazines.

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