Road test! The 7-seater Audi Q7 takes a spin with a North Shore Mum

Audi's new family car
North Shore Mums put the Audi Q7 to the test with a three-day road test (with the kids!)

The chance to review the Audi Q7 was an opportunity too good to  refuse! I’m a busy mum with three very busy kids, so I spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from school and activities, plus we go on lot of driving holidays. I’m not an expert on cars but I know what I want and what a car needs to have to be part of my life…. and after my trial, I can confidently say in my review that the Audi Q7 ticks a lot of the boxes!

I test drove the Audi Q7  (Q7 3.0L TDI Quattro Tiptronic 200kW Wagon MY18) for a review over a long weekend which allowed me to use it in my day to day life…. the school run, the weekly shop, to and from Saturday sport and so on!

Maryka Stalley reviews Audi Q7

North Shore Mum Maryka Stalley reviewed the Aldi Q7 on a long weekend with her three kids

Audi Q7 review

The Audi Q7 was a luxurious ride with the kind of modern extras that make driving a pleasure

When I picked the car up from Audi Alto Artarmon, I was given the ‘checking out’ service and let me tell you, you really need to read this! It’s where they go through instructions on how things work and what the car can do for you. The Audi Q7 can do some amazing things and has some amazing features:

  • 360 degree camera which includes 4 wide-angle cameras covering the entire area immediately around the vehicle. Reversing and parking has never been so easy!
  • parking assistance which helps to steer the vehicle into a parallel or perpendicular parking space
  • cruise control
  • active lane assist – helps you stay your lane
  • Light and rain sensors
  • Heated seats
  • an amazing sound system
  • virtual cockpit plus so much more!

For me a car has to be feel safe, be comfortable to drive, have the power to go up the hills, fit a family of five plus a few extra friends when needed, and have room in the boot for all our school bags, sports bags and shopping. The Audi Q7 has all of the above!

Steering wheel

The Audi Q7 can do amazing things and has amazing features, including a ‘virtual cockpit’

Audi Q7 review: Size does matter

With three young kids, a 7-seater car is a must for us. The three rows of seats gives us the flexibility and options needed for when we have extra guests or when we may have extra luggage. We like to driving holidays, so the roomier a car the better for us.

The interior of the car

The car has to feel safe, be comfortable to drive, have the power to go up the hills plus space

A seven seater Audi Q7

We easily fit a family of five, with room in the boot for school bags, sports bags and shopping!

What I loved about the Q7

The feature of the pull down seat in the middle row was such a small but essential feature. Getting to the back row can be such a pain for some when you have to pull a seat down, but with this ‘aisle’ it allowed us to easily move between the two rows!

The boot space is so spacious and essential! Whether you have the three rows of seats up or down there is plenty of boot space either way. I headed to Costco and usually it ends with me running out of room in the boot but I had plenty of room for my big shop. I was even able to throw the kids school bags in the boot with the shopping when I picked them up!

The panoramic sun roof and is also amazing! The amount of light coming into the car really makes the car feel brighter and cheerier!

Driving the Audi was also so easy, even though it’s a large SUV the features that come with the car allows you to feel comfortable when driving. The 360 degree cameras made it easy to park or do a 3 point turn, the size of the engine allowed me to travel at ease going up hills and the virtual cockpit assisted me and got me to all the places I needed to go!

As my kids said when we dropped the car back to Audi Alto Artarmon…. “can this be our next car?”

Side view Audi Q7

The sleek exterior is modern and the user-friendly 360-degree cameras make parking a cinch!

Essential Details: Audi Alto Artarmon

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