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The Ultimate Kids Birthday Party at Wannabees

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Wannabees Hornsby

Looking for a stress-free birthday party, that your child and their friends will absolutely love? A birthday party at Wannabees is the answer! A party host will entertain the children with fun and creative games (whilst parents can sit back and relax), and party food and cake are included too! Find out how North Shore Mums Discoverer Kerri Towler’s party went for her daughter’s 5th birthday celebrations.

As a busy mum of three, I’m always on the hunt for fun and creative ideas for things to do with my children… with bonus points if they’re easy! So, when it came time to celebrate my daughter’s fifth birthday, a birthday party at Wannabees at Hornsby was the absolute top choice for the day.

The welcome desk at Wannabees is your introduction to the centre

The birthday girl playing in the Post Office with the mail!

Booking the Wannabees Party

From the very start, the planning process for our birthday party at Wannabees was super simple. I jumped online to choose the date and time, paid the deposit and then printed out the invites. Done!

Then, a week before the party a Wannabees staffer rang through to confirm the numbers and record our choice of menu for the day. Choosing the kids meal was actually harder than I thought, as there were so many options, from baby sushi to nachos. For the parents, we opted for the antipasto platter, and just like that the prep work was done!

The Wannabees Party Packages

There are different party packages available at Wannabees, and we chose the Deluxe Party. It includes a fun (and invaluable!) Party Host who assists with taking the children through to the different stations at Wannabees and leading the playtime. There is a Dress up and Fashion Parade at the end of the play time.

A party room is included with 45 minutes allocated for mealtime, which in our case was either nuggets and chips, sandwiches, or pizza and chips. All food options come with fruit, a juice box, carrot sticks, popcorn and corn chips.

Wannabees Hornsby Police Station

The child-size city includes a Police Station with a cell and a Post Office

Wannabees Hornsby TV Studio

The kids had a blast in their very own Fashion Parade and dance plus partied in the TV Studio

Entertainment for the kids from your own party host

As soon as you walk through the front door you are greeted by the friendly staff and meet your party host, plus all party guests are given a coloured co-ordinated wrist band so they are easily identified in the play area. The door opens and you wish you were a kid again, there are so many different rooms to explore – such as a Post Office, Police Station, Beauty Salon, TV Studio, Radio Station, Pizzeria, Hospital, Vet, Fire Station and lots more!

We were greeted by our party host, Gabby, and the kids headed off for 15 minutes of free play. It was immediately clear how much they loved this, with all the kids chasing after each other on the little bikes provided, role-playing in the hospital with the dolls, or pretending to do each other’s hair and nails in the beauty salon.

After the free play session, Gabby gathered all the kids together at the front of the stage and started the guided section of the party, leading the kids through the different rooms and leading their play. She made sure all the animals were fed and bathed and had their check-up in the vet area. In the fire station, each child had a turn of sliding down the fire pole and then putting out a fire. The guided play finished with a glam fashion parade and onstage dancing.

And while the kids were being thoroughly entertained, us parents were enjoying a hot coffee and uninterrupted conversation. Bliss!

Wannabees Hornsby Beauty Salon

Kids can play at hairdressing in the on-site Beauty Salon

Wannabees Hornsby Post Office

Next door to the Post Office is the Fire Station, which includes helmets and hoses

Wannabees Hornsby Radio Station

A recording studio means your child can play at being a radio star!

Wannabees Hornsby Pizza Restaurant

Serving up pizzas in the child-friendly Pizzeria, with wooden ingredients

Party Food & Cake

The kids had worked up an appetite after their activities, so it was perfect timing that our party room was the next stop! The birthday girl had a special throne set for her at the head of the table while the staff served the food, and of course the birthday cake.

A birthday party at Wannabees has a few options for catering – you can order platters including options like a cheese or fruit platter, or choose from the hot food options available. You can use their cake option (ice cream cake) or bring your own if you would prefer. In the deluxe party option, you receive the delicious speckled ice cream cake plus eight cups of coffee for guests.

It’s super easy! The only thing you need to organise is party bags for your guests (if you want to, of course).

We chose the pizza option, plus we bought an additional Antipasto Platter for the adults. It was great, and there was plenty of food! The gorgeous vanilla ice cream cake (covered in rainbow sprinkles!) was gobbled up by the kids.

After the cake, they had some more free play time and then we handed out our own made party bags to the guests and all the kids went home happy from a great party.  I am sure our daughter will remember this party as being one of the best and she can’t wait to go to Wannabees again.

Wannabees Birthday Party Antipasto Platter

The antipasto platter was generous and delicious!

Wannabees Birthday Cake

The kids were thrilled with the ice-cream cake, complete with sprinkles and candles

Wannabees Hornsby Cafe

The cafe offers coffee (which is free for paying parents who accompany kids)!

Wannabees Party Packages

Wannabees Facilities

The bathrooms are clearly labelled and accessible. They were clean and tidy, and they have a baby changing station in both areas with small toilets for the children.

There is a café where you can order food or your guests and plenty of seating in and out of the play area.

There is also a parent’s retreat area which is large and perfect for those bigger functions.   

Wannabees Essential Details:

Want more birthday party ideas?

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