Unearthed Vitality: Where workouts really ARE family-friendly

Using Different Equipment
Using Different Equipment

If you’ve recently had a baby or you have young children, it’s likely you find it difficult getting to the gym! Well, if you’re feeling that you need to do something for you again, you can join an awesome tribe of women going through the same thing as you. North Shore Mums Discoverer Laura Loveridge tried Unearthed Vitality in Gordon.

Over the last four years I’ve had three beautiful kids, which has meant that fitness has been a bit on hold (despite my love of running and netball!). But with the kids a little older, I knew the time had come to stop “eating for two” and start thinking about the bigger picture; my overall health.

I was invited to try Unearthed Vitality, run by husband and wife Erin and Dan Wait- and to my joy I discovered it’s not just a gym, it’s the means to a lifestyle change. Their specialties are small group training, one-on-one nutrition and mindset coaching. As parents themselves, they understand how difficult it is trying to fit fitness in with childcare, which means they offer:

  • A child-friendly studio with a children’s play area
  • A childminder for the most popular sessions
  • Women-only group sessions (as well as mixed sessions), to help parents reach their goals

An awesome group of the ‘mum squad’ with their workout partners (the kids!)

Unearthed Vitality’s husband and wife team Dan and Erin

Working out with a like-minded group of ladies at Unearthed Vitality

Getting Started

I started by chatting with Erin, the pre- and post-natal personal trainer at Unearthed Vitality.  Erin is warm and friendly and we chatted about my fitness, my pregnancies and children, then Erin told me a little about the ethos of UV, which is based on nutrition, movement and mindset. Their philosophy is that becoming healthier not only sets a great example to our children but it also gives us more energy to just “be there, really there” for our children.

Erin also works closely with a team of Women’s Health Physios who help women to assess the strength of their pelvic floor post childbirth and to prevent prolapse and incontinence.

I was also invited to join the “Mum Squad” private UV Facebook group which is a ladies-only support page for tips, advice and nutrition. It’s a a very active and friendly group with so much support and encouragement, a bit like a mother’s group but one where you know you are going to have something in common with everyone other than your children!

They also run “The Fit Parent” Facebook group which offers support to all parents where people can ask questions, share recipes and support each other towards their goals. You can download a free copy of their Fit Parent Guide here.

A lot if useful info being offered at the Women’s Health Physio Talk

One of the delicious recipes shared in the Facebook group

The First Session

Before my first visit I had the all-clear from my doctor at my 6-week postnatal check. I also completed a quick Q&A about my current nutrition and mindset which, when I started,  gave the trainers an idea of where I was at physically and mentally (and in terms of diet!).

Individual workouts: Once on site, we went through a few key movements including lunges and squats as well as a core strength and fitness test (the dreaded plank!). Because of the prior chats and Q & A, the session was tailored to my needs and she wasn’t going to make me do anything I wasn’t capable of doing.

Group workouts:  I was nervous about this session, as not only haven’t I exercised in 4 years but I am also not sporting the latest active wear! But there is a strong sense of camaraderie at UV and when I arrive I can see a baby bouncing in a chair and twins having their morning milk in their double stroller whilst the earlier class finish up their circuits and begin their warm down. The ladies all look like they have worked hard yet ALL still have a smile on their face as they celebrate another successful session with Erin. A class consists of a warm up, strength and conditioning training and then a cool down and you will never have the same lesson twice-the UV team will mix it up and even take things outside now and then! They also use equipment I have never seen before and I even attempted my first ever chin up!

Working on lunges at Unearthed Vitality

Using all the different equipment to work different muscle groups

Progress! Showing off the beginnings of a chin up

What about the kids?

Children are welcome to play in the play area during the session and, during peak times, a childminder will be there to help watch your child otherwise the lovely UV team (as well as other parents) will help where they can whilst still providing you the support and guidance you need throughout the session. I took my 7-week-old with me and with all the white noise, she was as good as gold! Women have even been known to breast feed on the exercise bike midsession!

Run by parents, the gym offers child-friendly set ups and a childminder

Fit as fiddles! A parents group posing for the camera in the workout area

Essential Details:

  • Address: Unearthed Vitality, Ground Floor, 7-9 Merriwa Street, Gordon
  • Phone: 0429 199 116
  • Website: Find them on Facebook or their website
  • Timetable: Ladies only sessions on weekdays 9.30, 10.30 and Tues/Thurs 1.15pm.  Full UV Timetable
  • Facilities: Showers and changing facilities for both you and baby
    Parking: Street parking is available on Merriwa Street, usually at the top for 1 and 4 hours. There are also two UV car spaces available on Level 1 of the building
  • Cost: No-obligation chat any time; On-boarding session starts at $149 for 90 minutes; then cost options:
    • BRONZE: x1 session per week $27
    • SILVER: x2 sessions per week $49
    • GOLD: Unlimited sessions per week $69
    • FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: $99 per week for up to 6 sessions per couple
    • 10 pack of group sessions: $350


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