Tuff Nutterz… the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the world!


Tuff Nutterz, the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course, is right here in Sydney… and it’s coming to Centennial Park from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 January! A few NSM families were thrilled to help us give it a test run when it was in Manly last weekend, to star in our video review.

Karien from Wahroonga was one of those North Shore Mums, who tested it out. She says, ‘Last Friday, my children, their teenage cousins and my husband gathered together excitedly as they were all going on the 270-metre-long Tuff Nutterz inflatable obstacle course. I hoped it would live up to everyone’s expectations as I had organised the family get together, but as soon as I saw the mega inflatable in the beautiful Nolan Reserve in Manly, I knew I had nothing to worry about.’

‘The giant inflatable has over 30 fun obstacles. Climbing walls, slides, balancing balls, tunnels, ladders, you name it, it is all there. After one lap my kids were already exhausted but they wanted to do it again and again, as they were having so much fun with dad and their cousins.’

‘The site also had plenty of picnic tables with umbrella’s set up. Food trucks were present where much needed refreshments such as slushies’ and ice creams could be purchased. I, for a welcome change, could sit back and relax with a coffee in the shade whilst the family went ‘nuttz’, such a bonus to visiting an outdoor activity!’

Some of the NSM kids catching their breath during the middle of the obstacle course.

The Course

The Tuff Nutterz course is 270 metres long and has over 30 individual obstacles all joined to form one continuous course. There are a whole variety of obstacles to enjoy along the way.

To avoid over crowding (and maximum fun), new groups (of up to 24 people) start every 15 minutes. Each ticket allows for unlimited laps of the obstacle course, and you can rest for a drink and breather between laps.

Tuff Nutterz Inflatable Obstacle Course

Upcoming event: Centennial Park, 18-20 January

Tuff Nutterz will be coming to Centennial Park for three days only… from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 January, so book your tickets ASAP to secure your day of fun! Click here for tips on getting to Centennial Park.



Tuff Nutterz is suitable for children from the age of about 5 years old, all the way up to adults (Mums and Dads, it is heaps of fun, so be sure to book some tickets for yourself too!).

Children under 4 years should have an responsible person (aged 14 years or older) in the group, to assist them if needed through the course.


Tickets are just $35 per person for Unlimited Rounds. You could go around all day if you had the energy! Tuff Nutterz is fun with friends! Get a group of family or friends together to share in the joy…

Click here to book tickets.

What did the kids think?

  • The course is great fun but challenging at the same time‘ – Will, 14 years old, Westleigh.
  •  ‘It was fun, challenging and exhausting!‘ – Holly, 12 years old, Westleigh
  • ‘It was awesome. A great experience. My favourite was the big jump at the start.’ – Tagen, 10 years old, South Turramurra
  • It was fun! I liked the balls that you jump on. If you fall off you can get back on or go to the end.’ – Sorcha, 8 years old, South Turramurra
  • It tests your reflexes and how brave you are, and it’s super fun so you should go. It’s Jimi Approved!‘ – Jimi, 9 years old, Hornsby

What did the parents think?

  • The Tuff Nutterz course is fun for all ages and am sure we will all sleep well tonight!‘ – Kelly, Westleigh
  • This is a rare opportunity to go on the largest inflatable playground in the world. Not to be missed!‘ – Mike, South Turramurra
  • Excellent workout & great fun activity for kids all ages! My 8 and 9 year old had a blast with their teenage cousins, they were exhausted after 2 laps but wanted to keep going!‘ – Karien, Wahroonga

Tips for a brilliant experience

  1. Pack socks! On summer days, the inflatable course can get hot… you are welcome to wear socks to protect your feet.
  2. Keep hydrated! Pack plenty of water for everyone in the family. Those spray bottles are also brilliant for a quick cool down between laps!
  3. Wear sunscreen! Whether your joining in on the bouncing fun or watching from the sidelines, spending a couple of hours in the Aussie summer sun can get hot. So don’t forget to slip, slop, slap.

Watch the NSM Video Review




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