Best streets for ‘Trick or Treating’ on the North Shore

Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

Halloween is a great chance to meet your neighbours and get in touch with the local community, and each year more North Shore families are ‘trick or treating’. But if your neighbourhood is lacking the Halloween vibe, you might try one of the areas on the North Shore renowned for going ‘all out’! Here are the best streets for trick or treating North Shore Sydney.

With restrictions easing in NSW, many parents are wondering whether Trick or Treating is happening in 2021… and if so, what streets are the best to visit for the Halloween vibe.

To reduce the possibility of large gatherings, it’s best to stay as local for trick or treating to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. If you live in the suburbs, here is a list of some great streets to check out.

Fun ideas to celebrate Halloween in a COVID-safe way

Best local streets to Trick or Treat North Shore Sydney

If the streets in your neighbourhood are lacking the Halloween vibe, but you’re still keen to trick or treat, consider visiting an area known for going ‘all out’ at Halloween.

If you do decide to visit one of these areas, think about the residents who live there and bring some extra bags of lollies to help them replenish their supplies! Also, be sure to read our tips on COVID-Safe Trick or Treating.

trick or treating north shore sydney

Starting early in Wahroonga!

The below list of ‘amazing streets’ has been compiled from suggestions in the North Shore Mums Facebook group. Here are the best streets for trick or treating on the North Shore Sydney.

  • Mosman – Holt Ave, Spencer Street, Medusa Street plus the streets around Memory Park and Clifton Gardens
  • Cremorne – Benelong Road and Brightmore Street
  • Willoughby – First, Second & Third Avenue
  • Castle Cove – Rosebridge Avenue and surrounding streets
  • Lane Cove – Karilla Avenue
  • East Lindfield – Middle Harbour Road
  • Pymble – Hope Street, and the streets around PLC
  • West Pymble – Gloucester Avenue
  • St Ives – Hayle Street, Catherine Street, Lee Place & Gould Avenue
  • Wahroonga – Grosvenor Street, Burns Road, Braeside Street, Kintore Street, Cleveland Street, Stuart Street, Water Street, Ada Avenue, Herber Place, Junction Road
  • Warrawee – Bangalla Street
  • Hornsby Heights – Sydney Road

Where possible, it’s obviously best to try the streets in your local neighbourhood first, as it’s a great way to meet your neighbours.

trick or treating north shore sydney

Trick or treating is so much fun!

Top Tips for a safe & fun night! 

  1. Kids can start knocking on doors from 4pm, and most wrap up by 8pm when it gets dark.
  2. Only knock on doors that have Halloween decorations or other signs that indicate the people in the house are happy to be approached by trick or treaters. Look out for cobwebs, an orange balloon or pumpkin… though some go all out with incredible Halloween displays!  No decorations? Don’t knock.
  3. Don’t knock on doors after dark or if a home’s lights are out. Also keep an eye out for signs that politely ask trick or treaters not to knock.
  4. If you visit a street or neighbourhood just for Halloween (not an area where you live), consider supporting the residents and their generosity by taking lollies to replenish their jars.
  5. Parents make sure you accompany your kids! Older kids might not want parents ‘cramping their style’, but just tell them you’ll follow from a distance.

Creative Halloween decorations at a house in Wahroonga

Want more fun ideas for Halloween?


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