Transforming your child’s bedroom into a wonderland


Your child’s bedroom is both a haven and a playroom. Here’s how you can use design to help encourage imaginative play. 

We’d hate to admit there’s a time during our children’s’ lives when we enjoyed their development the most, but hey, I’ll quietly admit that it’s when they’re kids. It’s a magical time because they’re capable of hilarious accidental comedy, outrageous energy and—hopefully—enough basic social skills to provide mums with freedom to move.

rsz_designbx_incy_interiors_lifestyle_image_a (1)You may get a little bit tired of the 40,000 questions per day and creative methods of becoming filthy, but enjoy it while it lasts. They’ll eventually become teenagers (yes, it does have to happen) and when the only reaction you can get out of them is a single syllable or a subtle rolling of the eyes, you’ll long to wind the clock back to times when they respected you as boss, teacher and a magical character that created gifts, treats and adventures.
Those adventures are delightful for mums and kids alike, but at the end of the day, when a little
bit more of the world has been discovered and conquered, your kid can always come home to their special haven in the house—the wonderland that is their bedroom. It’s the place where a thousand imaginary movies will be written and performed, worlds will be designed and constructed, plans of world domination will be drafted, and there will be interminable bouts of staring blankly at walls or counting the amount of times a design element appears on the wallpaper.

rsz_1designbx__incy_interiors_lifestyle_image_bEven the most perplexing or seemingly pointless acts are all part of their development. The
question is: are you providing a stage for their performances, lab for their experiments,
visual puzzles to solve, and images to inspire their creations? Kids have clear personalities, and preferences for shapes, colours and styles, so we need to play our role as a guiding force in
their lives rather than a limitation.

The fact that youngsters have an individual aesthetic and taste is often forgotten, and while we fuss
over our showpiece rooms as we express ourselves through design, let’s remember that junior
expects his or her room to have flair, character and stimulus as well.

The bed

For kids, the bed is the key item. rsz_designbx_incy_interiors_lifestyle_image_c (1)Firstly, there are critical health issues to consider. Kids will curl into awkward positions rather than have feet hanging over the foot of a bed or hitting a footboard, and mattresses are obviously critical for support. Poor choices can lead to unhealthy sleeping positions and become the origin of back issues that emerge later in life. Remember those bones are growing at a rapid rate, made obvious by the fact that by the time your kid becomes an adult, you’ll probably have spent more on shoes than Imelda Marcos.

The trend is to spend once on a sturdy, high quality bed that can be passed down as new kids
arrive. You can’t stop kids using the bed as a trampoline. It’s bouncy isn’t it? That’s why they look puzzled when ask them to stop jumping on it. It’s also a ship, car, stage, spaceship, and magic blanket to ride into the far recesses of their imaginations. Nothing has a single purpose when you have the imagination of a child!

Covers and pillows

rsz_designbx_incy_interiors_lifestyle_image_d (1)Adding to the centre of their wonderland and dream world are covers and pillows. Again, quality will save you money in the long run and provide your kid with a healthy environment. These days, vibrant covers are made for kids unfortunate enough to develop early allergies or asthma. You don’t have to choose boring options just to ensure your youngster gets a decent night’s sleep.The bedspread is the largest mobile item in your kid’s workshop and you can bet it will become a stage curtain, robe, cloak of invisibility (a rather poor one), roof of a cubby house and, of course, your dog’s favourite place to sleep. Keep it interesting but durable.

Bedroom furniture

Other crucial items include drawers (victory dais, spaceship control panel or mountain peak to
climb), storage (treasure chests, hiding spots and unusual hats) and desks (pony, motorbike,
surfboard). Everything takes on multiple uses for your kid, and you have to assume they’ll
attempt to convert each item of furniture for every imaginable use that it was not originally
rsz_kip&co_hr_finals_91_of_94intended for. Well­-crafted, high quality items with loads of personality are the go.
As your child leaves a trail of laughter and destruction on their way to puberty and the more
troublesome teenage years, there’s a sobering thought to consider. It’s likely they’ll be guided
toward career paths that won’t give them the opportunity to be creative. These wonderful years as kids are their chance to develop flair, originality and expression. Maybe with enough guidance, they could use those traits to thrive in creative roles. At the very least, their time as kids should be an untempered, encouraged celebration of imagination and dreams, before the world gets oh­ so­ serious and the pressures of expectation weigh them down. These are the golden years. It’s okay to be an enabler. Design a spectacular wonderland for your kid.



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