Top 18 gifts to save the sanity of sleep-deprived new mums


Most new mums know it well – the sound of a baby crying in the middle of the night, signalling another few precious hours of sleep will be lost as you drag yourself out of your cosy bed to tend to your precious bub. So, if you’d like to help save the sanity of a sleep-deprived new mum in your life, try a suggestion from this handy gift guide of ideas suggested by North Shore mums. 

18 present ideas suggested by North Shore mums…

  1.  Going over and babysitting whilst she gets a nap, or taking her baby/child away for a couple of hours so she can sleep
  2. A relaxing massage (she may doze off)!5830728_m
  3. Hire a cleaner to help her keep the house tidy
  4. Cook meals and take them to her door, or organise a dinner service to deliver
  5. A visit from a mother’s helper to cook, clean or monitor the baby
  6. Coffee! Lots of coffee…or even better, chocolate-covered coffee beans!
  7. Really comfy PJs
  8. A nice block of chocolate and a DVD to watch while she’s stuck on the couch with her little treasure
  9. A hamper delivery of treats for mum
  10. A sleep consultant for tips to help with the baby
  11. A grocery shop, which includes loads of easy meals like lasagne
  12. Doing the household chores for her, like getting a load of washing done
  13. A night nanny26882713_m
  14. A subscription to pay TV to help her through the times she’s up all night with baby
  15. Ugg Boots to keep her feet warm and comfy during those night feeds
  16. A top that becomes a staple…something easy to wash-and-wear when you have those visitors or need to pop out for a walk
  17. A necklace or gift with a ‘mum & bub’ engraving because mum doesn’t have time to do anything sentimental
  18. A day spa experience of DIY spa kit with shampoo and soap for her to pamper herself at home

What was the best present you were given as a new mum? 


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