The Big Idea that made NSM Jacqueline Jones an AusMumpreneur Finalist!

This year’s AusMumpreneur Awards are honouring local mums who are kicking goals in business. Meet Jacqueline Jones who is a Finalist in the Big Idea category. We wanted to take this opportunity to share her entry into the awards- and don’t forget to spare a minute to vote for Jacquie.

Tell us about yourself and your business…


Jacqueline practicing meditation

I am a mum of two with a background in social work, education and training. I started practicing meditation around 5 years ago and it completely transformed my life. I wanted to combine everything that I have learned about the power of the mind into an engaging educational course for school students. Greatfulness® (Yellow Belt) is a 6-week program that directly links to the Australian PDHPE syllabus.  Essentially, it teaches students  how to build their mental fitness, develop resilience and provides them with many practical tools to help them feel confident in their own unique abilities. Our tagline is ‘BE YOUR OWN HERO’.

What inspired you to start your business?

After the birth of my daughter, I suffered with major post-natal depression and went through an incredibly dark time in my life. During this period, many health professionals suggested that I should start meditating. I knew I had nothing to lose and started very slowly. In hindsight, it was the best thing that I have ever done. It helped me to understand myself and discover what is happening on the inside. I want to share this powerful tool with young people so that they can proactively look after their mental health. ‘There is no health without mental health’.

What do you love about being a mumpreneur?

That I am a role model to my children. They watch me spend my time doing all the things that I absolutely love, whether it is building the business, teaching the program, or doing my own personal meditation practice. I get the opportunity to teach them about mind-set by inspiring them through my own journey.

Being a mumpreneur makes me want to jump out of bed every morning and I am so excited about what the future holds. I am so ‘greatful’ for my journey and I love that each day is completely different.

What has been your greatest challenge and how have you addressed this?

Before I started on this journey, I had a terrible fear of public speaking. 6 years ago, I could not even speak up in a team meeting. I knew that I had to face this fear so that I could go on and do something that I am extremely passionate about. I have stretched myself over the years so that I could conquer this fear.

Recently, I presented to 400 TAFE Managers at a Leadership Forum and I was so proud of myself for going through with it! Deep down, I have always believed that I can achieve anything that I set my mind too and this experience confirmed that.

What have been your greatest achievements in the past 12 months?


Jacquie’s Greatfulness program inspires kids

I recently delivered a pilot Greatfulness® program to 52 Year 6 students and the experience was awe-inspiring. The feedback has been tremendous. Some of the feedback said things like,  ‘It helped me to realise what I love and what makes me happy. It made me feel good about myself and helped me to realise how special I am’. Another said they benefited a lot from the course because ‘it taught us to deal with our feelings. I liked it especially because we are about to go into high school and we could use these techniques when we get stressed.’

Another major achievement is having the program approved by Kidsmatter (which is the Australian mental health and well-being initiative for primary schools).

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

How to come up with a good marketing plan! I am still trying to find the answer to this question and I am hoping that by entering this competition I may be able to meet some other mums from the Ausmumpreneur network that have some advice regarding this.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a business for the first time?

In the Greatfulness® program there is a lesson called ‘Creatitude®’ and it is all about tuning into our ideas and creativity. This lesson teaches young people that ideas can literally change the world. We also look at the importance of ‘having the courage to fail’, as it is often through our mistakes that we are taught our biggest lessons. We also ask students to think about what gift they would like to give the World, as I truly believe that every one of us has a unique gift to share. Therefore, my advice to anyone is to tune into what your inner voice is telling you. Underneath the ‘busy-ness’ of life, answers are waiting to be discovered. We just have to quieten our minds in order to hear them!

Why do you believe you should win this award?

My vision is for Greatfulness® to be taught in every school in Australia (and hopefully the World!). Greatfulness® is a licensed program so that teachers are empowered to teach the course content in their own time. I am a living example of how transformative the Greatfulness® program is, as I have used every tool and technique that is in the program (and still do!).

Greatfulness® is more than an educational program; it introduces students to a new way of being. Greatfulness® gives students permission to shine and given the current state of the world, we could certainly do with some more light!

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