The Parenting Couch Podcast Episode #3: Jessica Napier

If you grew up in Australia, you’ll remember Jessica Napier as an actress on some of the biggest television dramas. She’s taken some time away from her career to embrace motherhood, and sat down with Sarah Levett on The Parenting Couch Podcast for a real and honest conversation about the parenting challenges that she’s faced.

Jessica Napier David Adler

Jessica with her husband David Adler and two children

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Aussie acting royalty, Jessica Napier, is one of the best known faces on Australian TV – appearing on series like McLeod’s Daughter, Underbelly, Water Rats, Echo Point, All Saints, Sea Patrol and Bite Club.

In Episode 3 of The Parenting Couch Podcast, Jessica sat down with Sarah Levett on The Parenting Couch Podcast for an in-depth chat about parenting challenges – from not getting sleep in the first year, learning how to discipline as her kids get older to keeping a healthy relationship with her husband.

Listen to the interview now.

Jessica Napier

Jessica Napier


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McLeod’s Daughters Flashback!

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