The Parenting Couch #1: Keep the calm amongst the kids storm with Rachael Coopes


North Shore Mums has partnered with radio star, comedian and podcaster Sarah Levett to bring you a brand new parenting podcast. So if you’re looking for something fun to listen to on the commute, when you’re out exercising or doing jobs around the house, add The Parenting Couch to your library! 

Listen to Episode 1 now!

How to keep the calm among the kids storm with Rachael Coopes.

The very first episode of The Parenting Couch, Sarah talks to Play School presenter and Actress, Rachael Coopes. We all have those moments when we just have a crappy day as a parent, and even people on kids TV shows have them too. Rachael is very open, honest and raw about the challenges she faces and the reality of life as a working Mum and single Mum.

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Interview with Sarah Levett

Sarah Levett is the host of the brand new weekly podcast, The Parenting Couch, brought to you by North Shore Mums! Every week, Sarah will chat to a special guest to tackle a parenting-related topic to support, entertain or inspire. We sat down with Sarah to find out a little more about how The Parenting Couch came to be, her personal parenting insights and what she does to stay sane. Click here to read the interview.


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