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Talking to kids about Coronavirus… with The Wiggles, Play School and Bluey!

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Talking to kids about COVID19
PlaySchool's special coronavirus episode 'Hello Friends' helps families talk about COVID

Talking to kids about coronavirus is a tricky thing. How much should we tell them? Here are some resources for parents of young children, aged from two to six (and one podcast for older kids) that can help you find the right words, and allow your child the space to ask questions that might be worrying them.

Talking to kids about coronavirus: Songs, shows and experiments to help

1. The Wiggles, ‘Social Distancing’ song

Talking to kids about coronavirus is simple with The Wiggles! The team have come together to help kids understand social distancing and why they can’t visit Nanna’s place. The song touches on video calling, safe social distance and other new concepts that kids might be struggling to understand. Kids learning about germs and hand washing might also like these 7 fun & catchy “Wash Your Hands” songs for kids.

2. Play School Special Episode: Hello Friends! (A COVID-19 Special)

This Play School COVID-19 special with Emma and Matt explains some of the big questions around coronavirus, from staying at home to washing your hands. Special collections of learning content and family activities are also available across the newly enhanced ABC KIDS app – which includes improved search features, show filters and screen time limits – and the ABC KIDS Community Facebook page, including Play School reflective journals.
TALKING to kids about coronavirus

Play School’s Emma helps parents tackle talking to kids about coronavirus

3. Science Experiment: COVID-19 Germs Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment to do with your kids to explain the importance of washing our hands amid the coronavirus pandemic. The simple setup sees pepper acting as ‘germs’ and ‘running away’ from the soap. See for yourself:

4.  Printable, interactive story about COVID-19

This story from MindHeartKids introduces them to coronavirus as a character and explains the role we play in keeping safe. The book includes sections in a worksheet-style so kids can fill out sections about how they’re feeling and who will keep them safe. You can download and print the PDF here.

talking to kids about covid-19

5. Poster to Print: Bluey’s Handwashing Helper

Bluey (and Bingo, of course!) stars in this fun hand-washing guide for children, using the traditional children’s song from the Butterfly episode.

The poster is a fun way to remind little ones about hand hygiene, without worrying them unnecessarily.


Coronavirus poster

Encourage handwashing with this jingle from the Butterfly episode of Bluey that you can print

6. ABC 7:30 Report Messages to Nanny

Normalise the experience of missing your Nan by watching these messages from families around Australia to their grandparents. You can record your own and send it in to the ABC, or even just record a new message a day for family members you miss.

Children send their love to isolated and distant grandparents

In a time when coronavirus means that grandparents and grandchildren can't always spend time with each other.At 7.30 we've been inundated with children reaching out through video to send their love to distant and isolated grandparents.Here are just some of them. And we'll bring you more next week.

Posted by 7.30 on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

7. Podcast: Coronacast

This daily podcast from Dr Norman Swan and health reporter Tegan Taylor is a measured take on the COVID-19 crisis for adult, but features an episode dedicated to answering kids questions, as submitted by the kids themselves. Best for older listeners, from perhaps ten years old, we recommend a pre-listen to the episode to check you’re comfortable with the content, which covers illness and questions from kids worried about people dying from COVID-19. You can download the podcast here, or go straight to the children’s episode here.

Podcast logo

This podcast covers the coronavirus crisis for adults but has a special kids episode available

More for kids while in Covid-19 Home Isolation

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