Winter School Holidays at Sydney Opera House

The Twits Sydney Opera House
The Twits is showing at Sydney Opera House these winter holidays!

The Winter holidays are fast approaching, with the opportunity to get out and about and explore Sydney with the kids. Beat the cooler weather and head indoors to enjoy three fabulous shows at Sydney Opera House. Answer the big questions in life with Creation Creation, join the circus with Tempo and have some giggles with The Twits. Start planning!

It’s time to book a show at Sydney Opera House and make some memories with the whole family. Located at Circular Quay, you can make a day of it by walking around the harbour, stopping for a hot chocolate, enjoying a relaxing waterside lunch, watching the ferries and enjoying some fresh air.

Here’s three shows the kids will love!

Creation Creation

Sydney Opera House

From the creators of Bluey’s Big Play, Windmill Theatre presents a playful new theatre performance exploring life’s biggest mysteries. Two fearless creators will step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools are at their disposal. Cardboard boxes become battleships and ping pong balls become planets in a hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

Some of the big questions tackled during this show, including how did the world begin? Is there other life in the universe? How are babies made? What does dying feel like? What will life on earth be like in 1,000 years? 

Based on real-life interviews with members of the community aged between 8 – 102, Creation Creation answers your most burning questions… sort of.

  • When: Friday 1 – Thursday 7 July 2022
  • Where: Sydney Opera House
  • Age: 10+
  • Tickets: From $29. Book tickets.

Book tickets to Creation Creation!


Sydney Opera House

Come join the Circus! Witness the incredible talents of these young performers in this all-clowning musical variety show Tempo from Flying Fruit Fly Circus. It features an ensemble of young performers aged 11 – 18 years who will flip, juggle, balance and dive their way into your heart.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to run away and join the circus? For an extra $10, you can join a backstage journey into the lives of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. On this journey, you will get to experience what happens behind the scenes of a circus production and observe part of the warm-up and rehearsal the performers take part in before every Tempo performance.

You will get the chance to talk to the Company Manager Anni Davey who will answer any questions you have about the young artists and their training, their schooling, and what life is like on the road. After the performance, you will get a chance to meet the cast in person.

  • When: Sunday 10 – Saturday 16 July 2022
  • Where: Sydney Opera House
  • Age: 6+
  • Tickets: From $39. Book tickets.

Book tickets to Tempo!

The Twits

Roald Dahl’s gruesome twosome – The Twits arrive on stage to delight and disgust, in equal measure. Proudly brought to you by multi-award-winning shake & stir theatre co.

Mr and Mrs Twit are the nastiest couple you could ever hope (not) to meet – both on a quest to be meaner than the other – but, who will outwit the Twits? Full of trickery and wickedly-funny pranks, this infamous pair ultimately highlight the need to treat others with love and care and spreading positivity is far more enjoyable.

Do you have a budding thespian or a curious adventure-seeker at home? Why not make a day of it! The Junior Day Pack is the perfect day out for your mini people. Enjoy a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes on the Junior Adventure Tour, with interactive games and dress-ups. For a full day out, the Junior Day Pack bundles the tour with a discounted ticket to Creation Creation and The Twits, followed by lunch at Opera Kitchen. The option to take meal planning out of the equation is also available when pre-ordering a Kid’s Lunch Pack with ticket purchase, which comes with a specially-themed cupcake. Families can also redeem their Creative Kids voucher on the Junior Day Pack.

Book tickets to The Twits!

Essential Details: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House

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