Do the Show like a pro! Easter Show tips from an insider

The Easter Show is back for another year, from Friday 12 April until Tuesday 23 April. If you’re planning on taking the family, then you MUST read these excellent tips from NSM and ex-exhibitor Amy Porter, who shared her insider tips on how to navigate the day in the NSM Facebook group. Follow her guide to have the easiest Easter Show experience possible… 

As an ex-exhibitor at the show, I thought I’d put forward a few tips on how to do the Easter Show and get the most out of it without remortgaging your house!


  • Get ShowLink tickets online or via Woolworths before the day. You can’t buy ShowLink tickets on the bus or train way any more so it’s either buy before or wait in a 30 minute queue at the Show.
  • The last day of the Show is “Kids Day” and tickets for them are 50% off. Kids under 3 are free.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Staying Safe

  • Use kids’ wristbands that you can write your mobile number on in case they get lost. Otherwise write your number on their arm.
  • Take a photo of your child on your phone at the beginning of the day, so if they get lost you can show people what they’re wearing.
  • Avoid going to the show on weekends, it’s chaos and miserable! It’s much better to use a day of annual leave and go mid-week.


I strongly recommend catching one of the major event bus services:

  • Route 1B runs down Mona Vale Road right to the show and it’s so easy and quick. I drive from Wahroonga to Gordon West Primary School to catch it!
  • Route 1A runs down Warringah Road and over the Roseville Bridge before heading to show via Top Ryde. Just check which bus stop to use as they only use some of them. However, the buses rarely run to timetable and tend to come in groups of three.

What to bring

  • If you’re going the BYO lunch route, then lunch in a cooler bag plus snacks and water bottles. Get to the Easter Show as soon as it opens so you can snag a locker to dump your things in. There are $2 lockers are located between the Haunted House and Thomas Cook / Wrangler shop
  • Warm clothes (it gets cold at night)
  • Wear enclosed shoes which can get dusty and dirty


I recommend navigating the show in an anti-clockwise direction. This is a great system and order that works for us:

  • Start with showbags (you can dump them in the locker or drip feed them to the kids throughout the day). It’s so much quieter in the morning!
  • Woolworths Food Dome (I get all my showbags from the Food Dome) and district exhibits. It’s quieter in the morning period. This is also a good time (early) to visit the Farmyard nursery as it’s not as chaotic
  • Woodchipping competition and the pet animal pavilions
  • Morning tea of scones and tea at the CWA tearoom (in the pavilion next to Food Dome, near the “NSW Making It Happen” stand), or at this stage kids can eat their BYO snacks. If you have a pram, leave it off to the side, also it can get a queue but it moves fairly fast.
  • Dog pavilion (if you have a purebred dog then check out which day your breed is on)
  • Horse stables, practice arenas, Schmidt arena and marshaling yard
  • Cattle stables
  • Pick up lunch in locker and eat in the main arena while watching entertainment or general classes
  • Sheep Dog demonstrations
  • Children’s and educational areas
  • Rodeo, evening and night entertainment
  • Anything else which takes your fancy and you might have missed


Don’t use a bathroom you can find easily, they’re usually gross! There are bathrooms next to the CWA Tearoom which are OK and have baby changing facilities, otherwise the horse stables and cattle stable buildings have bathrooms. The bathrooms are on the ground floor on the short side of the buildings. There are more quiet toilets in the pet pavilion near the cafe.

Animal Etiquette

You’re more than welcome to ask people if you can pat their dog/horse/cow etc, just ask nicely (address the person not the animal) and don’t get offended if they say ‘no’. Most will say yes, but some horses might have their show makeup on and the owner saying ‘no’ might be just to prevent you from getting the makeup’s black colour on you. Or they might be really anxious or nervous before a class (Sydney Royal is a huge deal for competitors). Take the opportunity to ask them what they’re competing in, and then thank them and wish them luck.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Taking a break

The best places to sit and recover are the dog pavilion (in the stands in front of the show ring), the main arena, Schmidt arena and CWA tea room

Save money

  • BYO water, snacks and lunches. While healthy is good, keep in mind you’ll need to compete with show food so carrot sticks will only go so far! If you do have to buy food, head towards the stables and look out for where the exhibitors are queuing they’ve spent two weeks living at the show so they know  where is cheapest and best (e.g. CWA tearoom!)
  • BYO sunscreen, water, Band Aids, hats etc so you don’t get caught out and have to pay through the nose for essentials or emergencies. If you do get stuck, Wrangler and Thomas Cook shops have amazingly cheap long sleeved shirts and polo tops for kids
  • Choose rides OR showbags. If the kids choose showbags then get them to choose them in advance  so you’re not aimlessly wandering through the pavilion

Most of all, have a wonderful day and soak up the atmosphere!

Got any other tips? Comment below, we’d love to hear them!


  1. Mum a

    April 19, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Hi all Easter Show People.. take snacks Drink with you change shoes and one more thing dress kids very Bright T-shirt.. and you to Mummy!

  2. Judi

    April 16, 2019 at 10:11 am

    Tks…great advice fr families

  3. Jo

    April 15, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks so much, these tips were very helpful. In particular, re the show bags and lockers.

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