Sydney Covid-19 restrictions: What’s within 5km of my home?


Under the latest lockdown restrictions announced by the NSW Government today, residents from Greater Sydney can only travel within their Local Government Area (LGA) or no more than five kilometres from their home. 

Can I only travel within my LGA or only 5km from my home?

There is a huge amount of confusion about whether people can only travel within a 5km radius of their home or within their LGA.

If you live in one of the LGA’s that is considered a “covid hot spot” then you are only allowed to travel within the 5km radius of your home (as the crow flies).

Rules for covid hot spots

However, none of the LGAs in the North Shore are a hot spot. This means, you can travel anywhere within your LGA (e.g. Hornsby Shire, Ku-ring-gai Council, Willoughby COuncil, Lane Cove Council, Mosman Council) PLUS 5km from your home.

Let’s break this down even more…

Rules for all of NSW (except LGAs of concern)

If you live somewhere in the middle of your LGA, you can go anywhere in your LGA. The 5 km radius around your home might still be in your LGA, so you can travel beyond that.

If you live closer to the border of two LGAs – for example, you might live in Waitara, which spans across Ku-ring-gai Council and Hornsby Council. Your council might be Hornsby Council so you can go anywhere within the Hornsby LGA. However, you can also go 5km from your home into the Ku-ring-gai area, so this might mean you can go to Wahroonga, Warrawee, Turramurra & South Turramurra. But check the app to see what the exact radius is from your home.

Of course, let’s try to be sensible and keep the spread of Covid-19 to a minimum. Stay close to your home if you can, and don’t make unnecessary trips exploring unless you have a reasonable excuse.

So how far is five kilometres from home?

If you’re wondering where you’re allowed to move so that you stay within 5km of your home, this handy interactive map can show you straight away.

Simply enter your address or drop the pin, and you can immediately see the 5km bubble around your home. You can adjust the tool to show other size increments too.

This website was created in March 2020 by an Irish website developer and Dad of four, Dave Bolger, when movement restrictions were introduced in his home country of Ireland. Since then, over 8 million people have used the website. It’s pretty handy right now!

How far is 5km from my home?

When can I leave my home?

Right now, you are only permitted to leave your home for four reasons:

  • essential shopping for groceries or medicines
  • outdoor exercise in groups of no more than two people within your home LGA or within 5km of your house
  • for compassionate reasons or caregiving
  • for essential work or study if you are unable to do so from home

View full Covid-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney.

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