Spring clean your home loan: Get a great new rate with Beyond Bank


Spring is in the air, which means that it’s time to clean out your wardrobe, ditch the unused furniture and declutter the overcrowded spare room. But what about your home loan? Circumstances change over time; does it still meet your needs?

It can be easy to let your home loan tick along. Just the thought of refinancing is enough to turn some people right off! But ideally, you should review your home loan annually. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing it every year. Still, you should check the current market, available products and the prevailing interest rates.

What is different in your life since you bought your current home? Have you added or decreased an income, welcomed children or changed your lifestyle? Life may have changed considerably, but has your home loan?

If you’ve been in the same home loan for several years, it might not be the right product for your current financial needs.

Talk to a home loan expert today and save!

Should I review my home loan?

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Get started on those renovations!

It’s often easy to just sit on your current home loan and let it tick along. Yet, there are so many benefits that come with taking the time to review your home loan and working out whether it’s the right one for you, your family and your needs.

Reviewing your home loan can:

  • save you money
  • reduce your repayments
  • consolidate your debt
  • provide flexibility for the future.

It pays to keep your finger on the pulse. Refinancing could save you if rates drop or if there’s a great deal on offer. When you refinance, you’ll get a new term and a new interest rate. Plus, you may be able to borrow more money on your new loan and use it for other expenses or investments.

Got some long-overdue renovations you’re wanting to tackle? Looking to purchase an investment property? Refinancing your loan can get the ball rolling!

Calculating and comparing home loans

So, how exactly do you go about refinancing your loan? It’s nice and easy thanks to Beyond Bank’s easy, online comparison calculator. Here are the simple steps involved to getting you the best home loan rate possible:

  1. Use their loan comparison calculator to compare a Beyond Bank loan with your existing loan. See how much you could save over the life of the loan.
  2. Make sure you consider ongoing fees as they contribute to the total cost of the loan throughout the year.
  3. Adjust your term to fit your situation. You may be able to shorten the term and pay off your loan sooner or extend your loan to reduce your current costs.
  4. Talk to a home loan expert to see if a fixed, variable or even split loan suit you the best. Fixed interest rates are cheaper but less flexible than standard variable rates.
  5. Ask about offset accounts, ability to make additional repayments and redraw options. Can you set up your repayment period to come out the day after your wages are paid and avoid a big hit once a month?

    Offer: Get a great new home loan rate with Beyond Bank

    Spring is not only the best time to sort out your wardrobe! Why not make it the time to give your finances the once-over as well?

    If you’ve been in the same home loan for several years, it might not be the right product for your current financial needs. Beyond Bank has some excellent home loan packages now available, including a great rate on their Total Home Loan Package, fixed for 2-years.

    Talk to one of their home loan specialists and discover which home loan option is best for you. You can also drop into Beyond Bank’s Chatswood Branch and talk to their friendly staff about your family’s banking needs.

    Talk to a home loan expert today and save!

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    • Chatswood Branch Address: Shop 1/445 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
    • Phone: (02) 8423 2600

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