Spriggy: Three NSM families try the kids savings system


When we read the new pocket money app for kids, Spriggy, has a huge success rate, we knew we had to take it for a test run and help our kids learn how to save and achieve long-term goals. Three local mums and their kids put Spriggy to the test, and here’s what happened…and how much they saved! 

First of all, here’s what Spriggy is:

Spriggy is the new way to help manage your child’s money. The app works together with a prepaid card for kids aged 6 to 17,  and parents can supervise spending through the app. The easy-to-use system encourages good saving and spending habits that will be there for life.

  • It’s their own responsibility – (to a point): Kids have a prepaid card loaded with their own money (which parents allocate)
  • It’s independent spending (but you can supervise) : Parents can see the child’s transactions live, in real time
  • It encourages saving: Kids can watch their balance grow and set long-term financial goals. Visual savings goals keep them motivated and encourages a save not spend mentality
  • Comes with a ‘quick stop’ cancel: If the card is lost (or you need to step in!) there’s an in-app instant option to turn on and off

Getting into good spending and saving habits with Spriggy

What is the “mum verdict”? Three mums share their experiences:

Kerrie S is mum to Jasper (12) and Evelyn (10), and lives in Mt Colah

“Making money seem ‘fun’ can be a challenge, but I’ve always wanted to teach my kids money management skills as early as possible. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try Spriggy – a carefully managed pre-paid card and app for kids.

Although I waited until Christmas to give their cards out, they had already chosen the pictures they wanted on them in advance, which is part of the fun! They both opted for the super cute pink and blue piggy motif. So, they were very excited to their hands on them and start spending!

Setting up the cards was straightforward – I download the app, added some money, and we were away. The set-up also initiated a great discussion about the differences between a credit card and a debit card, so from the start they’re learning about managing money.

My kids receive up to $10 per week, depending on chores and each save half that amount and spend the other $5.

Jasper aims to use Spriggy to help him save $250 for a gaming keyboard and wrist pad, and Evie wants to save $200.”

The card can be used the same way an adult card works

See all the info you need (in a clear layout) with one glance

Keep track of the kids spending from your own phone

Alison K is mum to Abbie (9) and Andrew (7) and lives in Hornsby Heights

“I wasn’t very involved with family finances as a kid and I wanted my children to learn financial skills from an early age.

We’ve tried using cash, using jars and using reward charts but my kids lost interest or just didn’t get the concept because they always saw us using cards for payments but never knew how much (or how little!) was in those accounts.

I was a little hesitant at first using cards for kids but they have actually shown so much more interest in saving and doing chores and were very excited to receive their own cards in the mail!

My kids feel more grown up being given a real card just like mum or dad so they are taking the responsibilities very seriously. They get to see the balance of the account and know exactly how much they have spent and how much they have left. They get to make decisions about their own money and when it’s gone it’s gone.

It was really easy to setup on the app and I like that they can set their own goals and that I can see how they’re going. In just a short time Spriggy has created much more conversation and interest in earning money, saving, spending and budgeting than any other method we had tried before!

The kids get $3 per job, and 3 or so jobs a week. I ask them to save 50% of everything they get.

Andy is still learning the value of money, and while Abbie hasn’t been too interested in money so far, at 9 she is very interested in being  grown up and doing the same things as adults!”

One of the very focused testers giving Spriggy a trial run and testing out the features

The simple interface is user-friendly and intuitive

“We set up their savings goals and a bunch of individual jobs (chores) for them to tick off each week to contribute towards their pocket money. They can choose to either spend or save as much as they like. I used to have to scramble about for coins and then argue about who had done what and how much they deserved… now we just check the app!

The more jobs you do, the more pocket money you get – simple! I also get real-time notifications whenever they use their card so I can see where, when, and how much they are spending.

We’re looking forward to tracking their progress over the next few months to see who reaches their savings goals first.”

Sally F is mum to Jack (10) and Sophie (8) and lives in Cammeray

“I recently applied for cards for my son (10) and daughter (8). My son was very keen to get one. He had been asking for a Spriggy account for the past 6 months!

I ordered the standard cards and they were very excited to receive them.

We discussed chores and pocket money and decided on a system of 4 weekly chores paid at $1 each, plus $4 pocket money,  (amounting to $8 each per fortnight).

The kids were asked to mark off their completed chores on their Spriggy app, which they love doing!

They have a savings goal and it has been easy to use so far.”

My daughter with her new Spriggy app in action!

My son had been asking for a Spriggy account for 6 months!

Want to try Spriggy FREE for 30 days?

To give you the chance to experience Spriggy first hand, North Shore Mums can trial Spriggy for FREE, plus score themselves a $5 ACCOUNT KICKSTARTER! If you love it and want to continue, your membership fees will be billed. Or if it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time with no further charges.

So what have you got to lose? Click here to access your free trial.



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