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Sarah Levett is the host of the brand new weekly podcast, The Parenting Couch, brought to you by North Shore Mums! Every week, Sarah will chat to a special guest to tackle a parenting-related topic to support, entertain or inspire! We sat down with Sarah to find out a little more about how The Parenting Couch came to be, her personal parenting insights and what she does to stay sane! 

Sarah, tell us a little bit about yourself… I’m a North Shore girl, born and bred. I was born in Wahroonga, grew up in Greenwich and went to school in Lane Cove. I grew up in the entertainment industry with my Mum running the Comedy Agency on the lower North Shore throughout my childhood. I’ve got over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry – from stand up comedy to hosting two breakfast radio shows. I’m now a single mum to a gorgeous 6.5 year old girl called Scarlett, which is probably my biggest role yet!

Sarah Levett Radio Host

Sarah spent many years on breakfast radio

What did you do before you launched The Parenting Couch podcast? I’ve also spent many years on breakfast radio and have been doing stand up comedy since I was 19. More recently, I ran a vending machine business, which was great for flexible hours and a passive income. But my garage is like a shop, which is not great for the old diet!

What makes your podcast different? I feel with my love of people and relaxed style, I am able to get the people I interview to open up easily. I genuinely what to connect with people more, and help parents feel more supported and informed. It’s so important that we don’t feel alone as a Mum. If we can hear others stories and struggles, my hope is that we can feel better about ours too. With a background in Comedy, I am also able to bring lightness where appropriate too.

What inspired you to start the podcast? My desire to burst the baby bubble – to have an honest conversation about what being a Mum is really like, without all the fluff. I also want to be able to be there for my Daughter and continue to have flexible working conditions. It is creative, fun, and inspiring. I love meeting new people. And I love interviewing people.

Sarah Levett

Sarah and her daughter Scarlett

What’s your best advice to any mums looking to start their own business? Have a plan and stay 100% committed. Trust and back yourself. GO FOR IT!!

How do you balance running a business with family life? At the moment it is extra busy as I am in the launch phase. I exercise, try to eat well, sit in the sun, drink tea and make nice plans to have things to look forward too. If my Daughter asks to play, I drop what I am doing. Laugh. Laugh. Get a massage when I can. Beach and salt water in Summer. Home face masks each week. Keep it simple. Keep it positive. I am an optimist. And hey, sometimes things are crappy, I just aim to do better the next day. Try not to beat myself up.

What advice would you give to a new mum?  Let things go (easier said than done!). Trust your gut. Try not to let others opinions rattle you. Take what you feel from it all. Read books. Get the Wonder Weeks app (I couldn’t have lived without it – remember they go backward to go forward). Get help if you can. It is ok to have time to yourself. IT IS OK TO SAY THIS IS HARD!!

What’s the one thing you never thought you’d do as a parent, but have ended up doing? Co sleeping

What’s your go-to quick meal to make after a busy day at work? Pizza, Lean cuisine on in summer it can be a fruit plate too.

What are you watching on the television at the moment? Sex and the City. It never gets old. My Daughter and I love watching Full House together. My fave as a kid..and adult. LOL.

Sarah Levett silly face

Sarah hanging out with her daughter

What’s the last movie you saw at the cinema? Secret Life of Pets at the Drive In.

What’s your favourite restaurant on the North Shore to take the family for a celebration? La Piazza Lane Cove always a goodie, plus Coal Loader Cafe in Waverton.

What’s your favourite outdoor space on the North Shore? I love Tamborine Bay Reserve in Riverview and Hughes Park in Lane Cove.

How do you spend your weekends? Playdates, parks, bike riding, catching up with friends and in summer the beach or pool.

Listen to Episode 1 now!

How to keep the calm among the kids storm with Rachael Coopes.

Rachael Coopes from Playschool

Rachael Coopes from Playschool

The very first episode of The Parenting Couch, Sarah talks to Play School presenter and Actress, Rachael Coopes. We all have those moments when we just have a crappy day as a parent, and even people on kids TV shows have them too. Rachael is very open, honest and raw about the challenges she faces and the reality of life as a working Mum and single Mum.

Listen now! Subscribe to The Parenting Couch @applepodcasts @spotify and where ever else you enjoy podcasts.

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