Get white teeth! $50 off Sparkling White Smile

Want a sparkling white smile? If years of coffee and red wine drinking has turned your pearly white teeth more of a yellow colour, then this in-home treatment from Sparking White Smile is the perfect solution for time-poor mums.

One of the North Shore Mums team members, Rachel, was invited to try the innovative mobile teeth whitening service, and shares her experience below…

Rachel’s review…

Over the years, I’ve noticed a gradual change in the colour of my teeth. I occasionally buy a tube of the tooth whitening toothpaste, but haven’t really seen much difference, so I was really keen to give Sparking White Smile a try.

Jess arrived at my house, and quickly set up the treatment zone in my lounge. This comprised of a reclining chair with the equipment positioned above, so I could sit back and relax whilst the treatment happened. It was an excellent opportunity to relax and catch up on some Netflix… a very rare treat!

Trying not to laugh while watching Chris Lilley’s new series, Lunatics

I had to put a mouth guard to help separate my teeth from my mouth, and Jess carefully coated each tooth with the whitening paste. Talking wasn’t so easy once this was all in position!

I did the Triple Treatment – which is basically three 20-minute sessions in the one sitting, and designed to lighten teeth by 5-7 shades. So every 20 minutes, Jess would appear, pop on some more paste, and then left me for another 20 minutes. It was all very easy!

After an hour of daytime tele, the treatment was over… and my teeth were noticeably whiter. Result!

Rachel’s teeth… before and after!

The cost

Getting your teeth whitened at home is a whole lot cheaper, and not to mention more convenient and relaxing, than getting it done at the dentist. And they use the same process!

It’s just $300 per treatment, and usually lasts anywhere between 6-12 months. This obviously depends on what food and drink you consume. You can also join forces with a few friends, and all get it done at home in the one session, for even better price:

  • 1 person: $300
  • 3 people: $850
  • 4 people: $1000
  • 5 or more people per group $200 per person

Following your initial treatment, they recommend a 6 week top up after your to ensure your smile stays as Sparkling White for as long as possible. If you book in the top up with your existing Triple Treatment, the treatment will be an additional $150 per person.

About Sparkling White Smile

Sparkling White Smile North Sydney is a Mobile Teeth Whitening Service servicing all areas of Sydney & NSW.

The Sparkling White Smile North Sydney team can whiten your smile from 5 to 14 shades lighter. By using only the latest technology and the finest materials, we create your perfect white smile with a procedure that is quick, effective and safe. Their Friendly Technician’s treat every client as an individual and work closely to help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Get $50 off!

Sparkling White Smile are offering North Shore Mums $50 off any full priced treatment!

To book, call Jess on 0452 615 797 or email [email protected] Mention North Shore Mums when you get in touch!

Discount Code: SWSNTHSYD/NMUMS50

Offer expires: 31 December 2019.

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