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Joode socks! Guaranteed to make you smile :)

Sick and tired of boring plain old socks? Done with the mismatching pairs? Ready for something fresh and new? Joode socks is for you! Their entire range is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Here’s what our reviewer Flick Frankish has to say…

What is it with socks? I seem to have an entire drawer dedicated to ‘lost pairs’ that somehow ventured into the deep, dark and mysterious laundry basket, only to never make it out the other side of a clean wash. The ones I do have remaining in my drawer are either stretched beyond recognition, or full of holes from far too much wear (that’s what happens when they don’t go missing!).

Honestly, I am always far too busy chasing after the kid’s socks to even worry about my own. I am ashamed to admit, that I have been known on occasion to wear mismatching socks, just in an effort to get everyone out the door in the morning. Who has time to dig into the depths of ‘lost sock’ drawer?

Add the perfect pop of colour to any outfit! ‘You Peach’ socks

When the opportunity came up to trial some socks from Joode, I jumped (quite literally). All my sock dreams come true, and a renewed determination to ensure they didn’t make their way into the washing basket abyss.


A little about the socks…

If you take a look at the Joode store, the first thing you will notice is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fun and style. This is exactly why the socks were created – and it shows. Owner Sarah Willmott was on the hunt for beautiful and comfortable socks that would make her smile. When she couldn’t find any…she jumped at the chance to bring Joode to life! The toned-down colour palette adds to the luxury of these socks. They are fun, yet sophisticated.

Welcome to the world of socks that are easy on the eyes and easy on the feet.

Comfort everyday! ‘Rainbows’ socks

Here’s just a few of the things I love about their fabulous range…

Quality material

Each pair of funky socks is made from 86% premium combed cotton, 12% polimide and 2% elastine. In other words, they’re nice and comfortable in all seasons – hot and cold. Plus, they maintain their shape well too. I can attest that even after a few washes, these socks still fit nice and snug on my feet for everyday wear around the house.


I have a habit of wearing my socks in. I have grown used to the odd hole in my socks that I simply cover up by sticking them in a shoe! The mix of materials in these socks is what makes them so durable! They survived the first wash and came out looking and feeling like new – no fluff or scratches from the wash.

Two sizes

Because no two feet are the same size! The one-size-fits all socks have never worked well for me. I have a larger foot size (40) and was sick of trying to squeeze into smaller pairs. Joode has two sizes to choose from, so you can find one that works for you, without the compromise.

Charity Partner

I always love hearing of businesses that are giving back. Joode has partnered with Chronic UTI Australia. As a sufferer herself, this is a cause that is close to Sarah’s heart – and I am sure a lot of other women out there. Half of all adult women will experience at least one urinary infection in their lifetime, yet it remains misdiagnosed, mismanaged and under-researched.

As a business they donate $1 from every order, in the hope of funding the research to find answers.

Socks for every occasion

So, let’s get back to the business of socks… with so many fun pairs to choose from, I had to take them all for a bit of a road test. Here’s what I found along the way.

Boot Socks

Joode socks

Joode socks are the perfect length for knee-high boots. ‘Be more shark’ socks

Good old Winter boots, where would I be without you. I have a couple of pairs of knee-high boots in my cupboard to get me through the cooler months. My only problem? You guessed it, socks! Almost every pair of socks I have are ankle socks. As soon as I pop them on with a pair of boots, they immediately ride down and are SO uncomfortable.

These long docks from Joode are perfect! While this doesn’t exactly show off the fun socks I have hidden underneath, I know they’re there. So, it’s enough to bring a smile to my face each day (which is all that counts).

Workout Socks

Joode socks

Workout in style! ‘Flamingo’ socks.

I’ll be honest with you, I do drag myself out of bed most mornings to fit in some exercise before the kids get up. But, I’m not going to tell you I actually enjoy it!

Until now. It’s pretty fun being able to wake up and pull on a pair of fun, bright socks to dance around in my living room while I get my exercise on. I have a lot of black leggings in my wardrobe (as I am sure so many of us do) and these socks are the perfect pop of colour to completely lift the mood.

Everyday Socks

Joode socks

Lounging around! ‘Raindrop – Mustard’ socks

We have floorboards at home, so I always feel like I need to have something on my feet. Joode socks are a winner. They are so comfortable to walk around in, and even in this warmer weather we’ve been having, they have kept me nice and cool.

Perfect for lounging on the couch and catching up on some reading – if I ever get the chance!

Just Because Socks

Now I get to have fun socks to match my kids’ amazing wardrobes! ‘Dotti’ socks

I am that person who just loves a pop of colour and splash of fun. With some Joode socks I feel like double the fun – and the kids love it too! They have their own funky socks, and now I get to match them. We all have plenty of fun picking out what socks to wear the next day. That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

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Ready to update your sock wardrobe and spoil those feet of yours, or someone you love? Whether you’re well overdue a sock overhaul, or want to treat a friend or family member for Christmas, they’re an ideal gift! These socks are the gift that will keep on giving this Christmas.

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