Personal Shopping: What it’s really like

Is your wardrobe packed to bursting, but you’ve got ‘nothing to wear’? It’s a problem facing most women, including local mum Rachel. That is, until she called upon a fashion stylist to sort things out…

I used to think that Personal Shoppers were only for the rich and famous. Clothes can be expensive enough, so who has even more money to spend on expert advice? The truth is, if you’re hitting up the shops with the intention of updating your wardrobe, why wouldn’t you spend a small proportion of your budget on a Personal Shopper – who will help you buy the clothes that you actually need, that look good on you, and are in line with the latest fashion trends?

About six months earlier, Shannon Johnson from Living for Style came to my house to do a full wardrobe detox (you can read my review here). With her expert fashion guidance, she gave me the confidence to get rid of the clothes that were old, out of fashion and didn’t suit me. With a new uncluttered wardrobe, she created a list of all the items I needed to purchase to give me the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Of course, with three kids, work and a busy schedule, I just never found the time to do that big shopping trip by myself. I bought a few items to see me through, but I still had challenges putting together outfits.

With summer on the way (and some good sales happening!), it was time to call Shannon again.


Shannon on a shopping trip with a lovely mum client

Shannon is a local mum of two boys, the founder of Living for Style and a personal fashion stylist who is focussed on making styling easy for busy mums. In fact, over the last five years, she’s helped over 400 North Shore Mums reorganise their wardrobe and rediscover their style.

After filling in an online questionnaire about my lifestyle and objectives, we had a chat over the phone where we worked out what I wanted to get from the session. To prepare for the day, Shannon told me to wear neutral underwear, pants and a top, shoes that I could slip in and out of, and a bottle of water. Oh, and there were strict instructions NOT to arrive with a coffee. We were there to shop and had to be as efficient as possible!


Another happy mum on a trip with Shannon for a new wardrobe!

I met Shannon outside Country Road at Chatswood Chase, where she escorted me into a change room where about 15 items were waiting for me. She’d already done a ‘pre shop’ for the things on my list.

And we were off! Some things were perfect, and others not so. Importantly, there was never any pressure from Shannon to buy things I didn’t want, but she gave amazing advice about each item and whether it suited my body shape.

In 1.5 hours, we hit up Country Road, Trenery and Seed… and I was silently high fiving myself, as they all had a special 25% off sale. I’ve never spent so much money on clothes in such a short period of time, but I could totally justify it, as I really hadn’t bought much in the way of clothes for myself over the last few years (having babies does that!) and I really needed some new things to wear.


Shannon making another trip with a client to shop!



Shannon was amazing. She was like a good friend who just happened to give direct and honest style advice. She taught me how to mix & match, gave me confidence to dress, gave me tips to avoiding impulse buying and made my purchasing decisions easy.

So if you want to enjoy getting dressed every day, I highly recommend giving Shannon a call! Perhaps even suggest it to hubby as a Christmas present this year (and maybe some fashion vouchers for those people who don’t know what to get you).

You’ll be walking with a spring in your step in no time!

Shannon Johnson offers Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Makeovers, and Image Consultation Services on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and throughout Sydney. Take the pain out of getting dressed in the morning and book a session TODAY! You can also follow what she does on Facebook and Instagram

Rachel Chappell lives on the upper north shore with her husband and three daughters. She started North Shore Mums Facebook group in June 2012, when she moved to the area with lots of questions, but not many local friends to ask. A year later, she decided to take the Facebook group to the next level by launching the North Shore Mums website. Before children, she worked as a Marketing Manager in women's magazines.

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