Shine bright like a diamond! Choosing the right rock


For one NSM, talking about all things jewellery (and diamonds in particular!) turned something that was simply a hobby into a business. And now Melanie Kerr from Melanie Kerr Bespoke Jewellery shares all her wisdom with savvy mums on the hunt for the perfect jewel.

What you should know about choosing a diamond:

We have heard about the 4’c’s – Clarity, Carat, Cut and Colour.  But what does it all really mean?  Cut and colour to me are the standout features to consider, because they have the greatest impact on its sparkle.

  • The cut determines how much light is let in and reflected in the diamond, creating sparkle. The better the cut, the brighter the sparkle.
  • The colour, or lack of colour. If the diamond has less colour, it will produce a clearer, brighter sparkle.
  • Clarity refers to any imperfections within the diamond and are called inclusions, some of which may be visible to the naked eye. Inclusions can be described as a fingerprint on your diamond that nature has left. The fewer inclusions a diamond has, the more expensive the diamond will be.

Why don’t I just buy the largest carat diamond I can find?

The carat is the weight of a diamond, and often confused with size. Some diamonds look bigger than others even though they weigh less. For example, the Marquise diamond looks larger due to the shape of the diamond. As the weight increases, so does the price of a diamond. However, weight is one thing, purity and cut is another.  A large 3 carat yellow diamond with inclusions will cost a lot less than a brilliantly cut 1 carat colourless diamond, with no inclusions.  It’s all about finding the right balance for your budget.

What is the bespoke process for a jeweller?

The process begins with design.  It can start with a design phone call, or can be done via email.  You can run through exactly what you are looking for, with expectations and guidelines. Once there’s a clear idea of the client’s wish list and preferences, the design your custom piece can begin, including sourcing your perfect stone(s).

Why should I choose a bespoke business  over a chain jeweller?

The bespoke process allows you to be a part of the design, and put your mark on your piece. It is very personal experience and you get to see your own vision come to life.  If your creation involves beautiful diamonds, you will receive GIA certification.   In addition, the cost of creating your vision may pleasantly surprise you.  The bespoke process operates with very little overheads, enabling it to offer much more value for your money than typical storefront jewelers.  You may find yourself with a unique, bespoke piece at a fairer price than a branded (or high volume) jeweler.

For more information, contact Melanie Kerr from Melanie Kerr Bespoke Jewellery via her Facebook page.


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