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Sex Secrets of the North Shore: Adult Toys and who’s buying what


Sex toys. Got your attention? The recent North Shore Mums Sex Survey revealed a whole lot of fascinating facts about the sex habits of some of our fellow mums, and now we’re bringing you some cheeky statistics from one of Australia’s largest adult stores, Randy Fox. 

In Australia, the flourishing adult retail sector is one of the more visible signs of our changing attitude to adult toys and our sexuality. The recent popularisation of erotica novels and movies (such as the 50 Shades phenomenon) has changed the dynamics of the sex toy and kink culture.

But have you ever wondered whether sex toys play a role in self or couple pleasure? Randy Fox, one of Australia’s largest online adult toy stores, is revealing exactly what’s happening under the covers of couples around Australia. With about 1 in 20 Aussie adults having an adult toy supplied by the company, here’s what their anonymous statistical analysis shows us.

Australia by State

  • 31% of the adult toys (645,654) sent to Aussie customers went to NSW
  • 22% of the toys went to Queenslanders. But, because of their smaller overall population, this makes them the Per Capita Kings in Australia!

Sydney and the North Shore: Who’s buying?

The Sydney region dominates in terms of major metro areas, with about 63% (128,541 products) of all the toys purchased in NSW going to Sydneysiders, and 22% of them going to the North Shore.

Top 3 Suburbs for Sex Toys

Since 2006, Randy Fox have sent adult toy packages to the following suburbs…

  1. Chatswood = 695
  2. Epping = 622
  3. Manly = 517

It appears that folks in Chatswood love their toys!

Top North Shore Regions

Here are the amount of adult toys purchased ranked by their North Shore region breakdown:

Council LGA Sex Toys Population %
Northern Beaches 6708 252,878 2.7%
Hornsby 4246 142,667 3.0%
Ku-ring-gai 3817 118,053 3.2%
Ryde 3799 116,302 3.3%
Willoughby 3189 74,302 4.3%
North Sydney 2947 67,658 4.4%
Lane Cove 2104 36,051 5.8%
Mosman 1988 28,475 7.0%

Although on first glance it looks like the Northern Beaches has the big numbers… when you actually work out the stats in relation to the population (according to Census 2016), it’s actually Mosman that loves their sex toys the most. Mosman mummies… is this really true?!

So, what are people buying?

North Shore folks clearly aren’t shy when it comes to their sex toys and purchasing habits. But on what type of products do they spend on?

Randy Fox analysis show:

  1. Women’s pleasure products (such as the Randy Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator) are approx. 31% of all purchases in the greater North Shore region
  2. Men’s sex toys come in second, comprising of 19% of purchases.
  3. Lubricants & Essentials are third at 17%.

Following the ranks are Couple’s Sex Toys, Bondage & Fetish items and then miscellaneous products.

No Longer a “Hysteria” Treatment…

When it comes to sexual intimacy, we all want to have quite a bit of fun, a little adventure, and a whole lot of pleasure. Although the vibrator was originally created out of the need to treat “women’s hysteria” by medical professionals (it’s true!), this treatment actually fell out of favour during the early 1900s as women started seeking out “hysteria treatments” on their own.

Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?” – Sue Johanson: Canadian writer, public speaker, registered nurse, sex educator, and media personality.

Special Offer: 10% off

Intrigued to see what’s on offer at Randy Fox? They’re offering North Shore 10% off their own Randy Fox exclusive range of toys.

Click here to shop, and use code NSM10 at checkout. Hurry, offer ends 30th of November 2018.



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