Seven great boredom busting tips for teenagers

While most teenager’s days can be described by “so much to do, so little time, there are times when there’s simply nothing to do. Sure, pure relaxing can be fun for a short period, but a cool teen need something more interesting to keep things lit! Bidding goodbye to boredom with some engaging activities is definitely worth the effort, explains Emma Lawson. 

Boredom is the product of one’s mind due to the lack of activity. Therefore, the best way to prevent this from happening is to make an effort to get up and set your own dreams and ideas in motion!

1. Give a warm welcome with tasty food

Teens love to entertain and be entertained. Inviting a couple of friends over is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when one feels bored. But why not make the gathering even more special by serving some delicious food? Taking the time to learn new recipes and prepare delicious meals is something not many teens do, which is why this ability is admired among the peers. While good cooking skills impress others, improving them is also a sure way to bust boredom for many days to come.


2. Write a book

Having a lot to say is something that can result in a great and meaningful book. Teenage years are filled with emotions and transferring all those feelings into a written word can create something permanent and memorable. It can be poetry, short stories or a novel – the fact that you wrote a book while still in school is going to put you on the map! Financial expenses can make it impossible to publish a paperback, but luckily, Amazon offers free self-publishing service for Kindle editions.

3. Join the YouTube community

Most teenagers spend a lot of their time on their phones and computers, and have probably already watched countless YouTube videos of makeup and fashion gurus, various tutorials as well as vlogs and music videos. So why not become a part of that world? There’s no reason why a confident teen can’t find a place among other YouTube users with creative ideas, talents and advices. Even if there’s no particular topic, or you don’t find filming a music video agreeable, vlogging about daily activities and editing videos can become a great activity- with the prospect of fame and success.

4. Live the Tumblr/Instagram life

Tumblr and Instagram are some of the most popular social networks among teenagers. There’s no better way of sharing what goes on in your life, and your general likes, than by posting pictures. While following others in search for inspiration and sharing cool images is generally fun, why not set the trends instead? Take a camera, get a move on and become the originator of the most liked and shared posts.

5. Take up a sport

Teens that do well at any kind of sport often feel fulfilled. Check out the schedule for training sessions so that you can adjust your other tasks accordingly. There are many benefits to physical activity, and fit body is just one of them- think a clearer mind and more confidence. To start, casually hopping on a segway board is a great start for any exercise. Hoverboards are insanely popular these days among teenagers as well. 

6. Jazz up your smartphone

Buying a cover case for your phone online will save you time, which means that it will also leave you with a lot of spare time. So, instead of buying one, show off your individuality and creativity, as well as beat the boredom, by making your own custom-design and completely unique cover phone case that everyone would praise. There are many DIY tutorials online and only your own mind is the limit to what you can create.

7. Learn a new language

Knowing a language other than your mother tongue can separate you from the average crowd. Choose the language that you really like, even if it is a more difficult one to learn. There are phone apps, software and online lessons that can make the learning fun and easy. Not to mention that if you’re really serious about learning the language, this is a process that is bound to keep you safe from boring moments for a long time.

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