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Secret Garden at The Grounds of Alexandria


Are you looking for a little bit more magic in your life? Well we’ve found it and it’s waiting for you over at the Secret Garden at The Grounds of Alexandria. It’s time to escape into a beautiful garden for you to explore… Our North Shore Mum’s reviewer Felicity Frankish shares what she found.

I am that person who has probably watched the movie ‘The Secret Garden’ about 10 times. There’s something so special and magical about it that draws me in each and every time. When I heard The Grounds of Alexandria had put together a Secret Garden of their own, I planned a trip straight away.

Vivi and Elliot walking down the laneway

With my mum, my two kids: Vivi (3) and Elliot (2), along with my sister in law and her 5-month-old boy, we headed out straight after school drop off (sorry Cassie!) to visit. Here’s what we found.

Visiting the Secret Garden

Walking through those brick walls and into the laneway at The Grounds of Alexandria and you won’t be disappointed. There has been no effort spared when it came to this gorgeous Secret Garden and it really did feel magical walking into it.

We were first greeted by these love heart lights in the middle, which the kids just adored. This is the heart of the Secret Garden, and if you come in the front entrance, you make your way down the laneway to meet it (we came from a side gate). Either way, the experience was just as amazing.

They’re just at kiddie height, for them to climb up and have a closer look. It was like their own secret entrance to the garden and my two couldn’t get enough. This was their first visit here, but it wasn’t their last! They came back many times, and as it got busier, joined in with other kids playing.

Playing the piano

There’s even a piano next to it, wrapped up in the foliage for the kids to sit at and enjoy (and adults too, of course).

I could have spent an entire day in the laneway alone. So much detail and effort has gone into all the brightly coloured flowers, with plenty draping down to really envelope you in within the garden and make you feel like you have been transported to a whole new place.

Beautiful blooms and lush greenery line the path, and the kids were as fascinated as I was. They stopped to touch and smell along the way, and enjoyed making trips up and back to really experience it all.

More kid-friendly fun

Of course, the visit doesn’t end with the gorgeous flowers (although they definitely are the highlight). You will also find plenty of other things to keep the kids entertained.

Soft Play

They have a a new play area for the kids, which is so much fun! There’s a ball pit, slide, and plenty for them to climb on. We grabbed a coffee and sat back while the kids played. It was great!


Checking out the chickens and goats

There is also a brood of chickens and resident goats that the kids can visit while at The Grounds.


Vivi driving the ute

There’s also a ute that makes up part of the scenery at The Grounds and kids can climb into the front and have a play. Vivi and Elliot thought this was pretty fun!

Tips for your visit…

If you’re planning to visit The Grounds of Alexandria to see the Secret Garden, I recommend going on a weekday and getting there early.

We arrived at 10am, and it was very quiet. By the time we left at 11.30am, it was bustling with people and felt like an entirely different experience. I’m glad we got in early to enjoy!

Their cafe sells amazing coffee and food. Grab a bite to eat and sit down to make the most of your trip – and you can let the kids play at the soft play area while you do.


Getting to the Grounds of Alexandria was easy, but a long drive from Wahroonga. It took us about 50 minutes in peak hour. We parked on the Grounds and didn’t have an issue. There was plenty of parking available when we arrived and it’s free of charge. The entry to the carpark is via Huntley Street.

Essential Details: The Grounds of Alexandria

  • Where: 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015
  • Parking: Free limited parking via Huntley Street
  • Website
  • Facebook & Instagram

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