SaniTea Review and Special Offer: The tea to help mums and bubs


If you’ve ever worried about your baby’s crying or feeding, or felt a little frazzled as a brand-new mum, you’ll know how tough it can be! North Shore Mums tried a trusted remedy for breastfeeding mums hoping to boost supply, and teas designed for young tummies. We share our reviews- plus, an offer for NSMs to get 15% off!

What is Save Mum’s SaniTea?

Save Mum’s SaniTea has been founded to assist new mums and their bubs with common problems – such as lactation for mum and colic and wind for bub.

  • Breastfeeding Babydream Tea is an an organic tea range imported from Germany that has helped new mums with lactation for over 20 years. The tea can help stimulate milk production and promote lactation. New mums often find themselves worrying about their lactation and milk supply, so get yourself sorted with a trusted product like this one.
  • Babydream Tea has also been around for more than 20 years  and can help bubs with digestion, tummy pain and hydration. It’s an organic product with no caffeine or added sugar, and suitable for babies (in tiny quantities and through breastmilk) and toddlers.

Babydream Tea can help older bubs with digestion, tummy pain and hydration

We tried it! NSM Review: Babydream Breastfeeding Tea

Save Mum’s SaniTea – Babydream Breastfeeding Tea is an organic herbal tea which claims to boost milk supply and provide bub relief from colic and wind. Whilst my bub doesn’t suffer colic or bad wind, with both of my kids I have struggled with a low supply of breast milk. Over the years, I’ve tried several different remedies to try to boost my supply including pumping after feeds, drinking tea, eating lactation cookies and taking supplements. So, when I saw a post seeking Mum’s to try Save Mum’s SaniTea – Babydream Breastfeeding Tea, I eagerly applied and was sent 2 weeks supply of tea.

Over a period of 2 weeks, I was asked to drink the recommended 4 cups of Save Mum’s SaniTea – Babydream Breastfeeding Tea every day. The tea contains 35% aniseed and 35% fennel and I don’t particularly like the flavour of aniseed. So, despite being a tea drinker, I initially thought I would struggle to drink so much of the Babydream tea. However, with a milder flavour than other herbal nursing teas I have tried and with a nice hint of lemon (from the lemon verbena), I quite enjoyed drinking Babydream tea and didn’t find it difficult to drink 4 cups a day.

And now to the million-dollar question – did Save Mum’s SaniTea – Babydream Breastfeeding Tea boost my supply of breast milk? In short, yes. Was I suddenly leaking milk after a day of drinking tea? No, thank goodness – wet patches on one’s shirt are so embarrassing! However, I did notice a gradual increase in the amount of milk I was able to express after feeding bub over the 2 weeks I was drinking the tea. So, my experience would support the claim that SaniTea – Babydream Breastfeeding Tea boosts breast milk supply and I would recommend that breastfeeding Mums give it a try.

– Sarah Kate Evans

Our NSM reviewer says Babydream Breastfeeding Tea boosts breast milk supply

We tried it! NSM Review: Three Teas for Mum and Bub/Toddler

I was a little hesitant to try these at first. Giving tea to a toddler isn’t the norm here, even though the clever European parents who have discovered the wonders of this stuff ages ago are happily feeding the teas to their kids. I’m not even sure why I was hesitant – it’s not like it’s laden with sugar, chemicals or anything harmful; just lovely organic ingredients that are designed to help your baby or toddler be calm and rested before sleep, be hydrated or relieve colic and wind symptoms. Truth be told, it’s not just for your children. I drank some and could feel the benefits on me as well.

It’s not just for your children- our reviewer loved the tea!

The Organic Fennel Tea for Mum and Bub/Toddler says that it helps reduce water retention, assists in weight loss, boosts your metabolism, reduces cellulite, and regulates your appetite. Ok, so it’s a miracle tea? I’m not sure about the long-term benefits of weight loss but considering the short-term benefits all came to be, I’m keen to keep drinking this tea to find out!

I did find that I no longer felt the need to eat too much and as it’s sugar free, it helped curb my hunger while I was fasting as part of the 16:8 diet.

I’m not breastfeeding, so for my daughter to receive the digestive benefits, I poured a small amount into her water bottle. The effects weren’t immediate but were definitely apparent. How do I put this delicately? It helped the contents of her stomach move from A to B with ease and without strain.

I’m not a fan of the fennel flavour but found this tea to use fennel as it’s main ingredient without being overpowering, it’s actually quite a delicate flavour that I was happy to drink and may even be the gateway to me appreciating other aniseed style flavours. My daughter was absolutely fine with the flavour too. I gave this tea to her on three separate occasions, the one time she resisted, I mixed with a little apple juice and all was fine. All three times it achieved results.

The Organic Fruit Tea for Bub and Toddler is my favourite tea. It has a beautifully delicate floral flavour that’s not horribly sweet but adds a lovely flavour. It’s perfect for when your toddler (or you) would like a refreshing drink of water but feel like a flavour without going down the track of juices or soft drinks. The purpose of this tea is just for hydration but the apple, rose hip, carrot and beetroot combo is the gift that just keeps giving. Given at the ‘witching hour’, my little one went from banshee to delightful within 15 minutes. Maybe it was the tea, maybe not but I had it too and went from teeth grinding ‘on a mission mama’ to laid back and chilled mama. It’s an excellent replacement for the 5pm vino (if you’re that way inclined!)

The Organic Herbal Tea for Bub and Toddler changed the game for me. It meant that for the first time in two years, I was able to go out to dinner and a show with my husband because I could leave my daughter with a trusted babysitter. I’ve never been able to do this before as things need to be absolutely perfect at bed time for her to get any sleep, having just one parent out of the house at bed time is a recipe for disaster so we’ve never been brave enough to leave her with a sitter. This tea changed it for us. The fennel seeds, sweet balm, peppermint, aniseeds and lavender mix together to soothe symptoms of restlessness and put her in a relaxed mood to allow a peaceful move to bed. The only downside here is that it’s not an every day drink, but this is the tea to have in hand in case of emergencies. I’ve already recommended this tea to friends with similarly stubborn toddlers. The only question is can I order this stuff by the crate?!

-Bianka Ford

Please make sure to check the SaniTea website for preparation and storage information.


SaniTea are giving North Shore Mums the chance to try these teas with 15% off. Simply go to the SaniTea website, and use code NSM15 at the checkout.

This information was brought to you by Save Mum’s SaniTea. Save Mum’s SaniTea was founded to assist new mums and their bubs with some of the most common problems such as: lactation for mums, hydration, colic and wind for bub. They carefully pick organic tea that can help boost milk supply for mum and relieve bub from colic and wind.


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