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Is there anything more important in life than sleep? Quality sleep for both us and our children, so we can wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day ahead. SafeSnooze mattress treatment is a game-changer, ready to get rid of the millions of dust mites in your mattress to help the whole family sleep better, breathe better and live better. Our reviewer Felicity Frankish gets a visit and shares her thoughts.

Dust mites. It’s not a usual topic of conversation in any mothers’ group. In fact, it’s not something you really want to think about happening just beneath where you rest your head each and every night. 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but our mattresses are home to millions of them, along with their dead bodies, faeces, eggs and other micro-organisms. Not-so-fun-fact: we shed 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells per minute, and sleep for an average of 8 hours in a day. If you do the maths, you will realise how dirty your mattress is.

The SafeSnooze device in action!

But you don’t need to let them build up! There is a way of cleaning your mattresses to get rid of these grubs.

The TGA-approved medical device uses UVC germicidal light to disinfect and sanitise your mattress. I was lucky enough to have Mariza come and clean our beds, so I could check out what all the fuss is about! Here’s my thoughts on the SafeSnooze mattress treatment…


Tackling a Dust Mite Allergy

I feel incredibly lucky to have three, healthy children, but I will admit a spanner was thrown into the works when Elliot – our youngest – was diagnosed with allergies. After a reaction to peanut butter, we ended up at an allergy specialist and low and behold, not only did we discover he had a peanut allergy (as suspected), but also a dust mite allergy, which we had no clue about! 

Turns out, this is a fairly common allergy to fly under the radar. For Elliot, it was the cause of his constant runny noses and open-mouth sleeping that we had just put down to another fabulous ‘daycare’ side effect. Little did we know…

SafeSnooze mattress treatment

Elliot in his new race car bedroom

Suddenly, we were taught just how important it was to keep his bedroom – and specifically his bed – as clean as possible. Constant vacuuming, steaming his bed, washing his sheets, and doing what we can to keep his allergy at bay.

If you or the children are used to suffering from sneezing, runny noses, itchy red eyes, itchy noses, asthma or eczema – you could be suffering from it too.

When I heard about the service Mariza offered at SafeSnooze, I was more than eager to try it out!

SafeSnooze Mattress Treatment: How it Works

Step 1: Extract the debris

The process starts by giving the mattress and pillows a deep vacuum with their dedicated, double HEPA filter mattress vacuum cleaner to remove debris such as dead skin cells, dust mite fecal matter, dead dust mite bodies, asthma and allergy triggers and odour-causing bacteria from the mattress.

Safesnooze mattress treatment

Mariza started the process in our bedroom

Mariza looked like a woman on a mission when she came into my home with the vacuum on her back, ready to go. She explained the entire process to me, before getting stuck straight into it. Starting with our bed downstairs, then making her way through the kids’ rooms.

Vivi’s bed getting a good vacuum.

Even the pillows get done!

Step 2: Disinfect the mattress

The UVC germicidal light device at work

After the extraction of debris, the next stage is the sanitising and disinfection of the mattress and pillow surfaces using a UVC germicidal light device (a TGA registered medical device*) scientifically proven to destroy all known micro-organisms on a mattress. The device has been independently tested by NATA and ARPANSA.

The light in action!

As fun as it was watching the vacuum in progress, I couldn’t take my eyes off this light device in action. You could almost picture it zapping those sneaking critters lurking beneath the surface. 

Step 3: Certify

After each SafeSnooze mattress treatment, you will receive a certificate confirming disinfection and recommended next appointment date. They recommend disinfecting and sanitising of mattresses at least every three to four months, as the lifecycle of dust mites are around three months and with regular disinfection you can control the dust mite colonies.

The dust and dirt that came from our mattresses

The kids thought this final touch was great. They weren’t around when the cleaning was in process, but came home to hear all about it. I also love the reminder of when to book the next treatment, as it’s one less thing to think about (something all us mums can do with).

The Aftermath

So, has the SafeSnooze mattress treatment worked?

I’ll be honest, we already do a number of things to keep – especially Elliot’s room – allergy free, but this is definitely one worth adding to the mix.

Ever since winter has hit, Elliot has been suffering horribly from eczema (something he has had since a baby), and in the few short nights since our clean, there has already been an improvement.

Most importantly, so far, no more runny noses in our home!

With a dust mite allergy to contend with, this is the first service I have come across that actually works to kill the dust mites in the mattress to stop the problem from developing in the first place.

It’s definitely a game-changer. With all our other methods already in place, this feels like the final piece to the allergy puzzle – plus cleaner beds for the whole family.

I will tell you one thing, that night I had the most peaceful night’s sleep without having to worry about the colonies forming under my mattress. Bliss!

The Story Behind SafeSnooze

As a local family business run by one of our very own mums on the North Shore, Mariza has a story that many of us can relate to.

Mariza was living the corporate life when Covid hit, and like many of us, she decided she needed a change. The answer lay with her twin boys, who both suffered from dust mite-induced allergies. She wanted them to thrive, and not wake up tired due to breathing difficulties during the night.

SafeSnooze’s process has given her the opportunity to support her family’s health and help the twins wake up better.


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