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Royal wedding fever! NSMs share their own wedding stories

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Watching Prince Harry marry his bride Meghan Markle and seeing them become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had many NSMs swooning. While we can’t all be royalty, their love story inspired use to ask our community to share their favourite wedding photos…and here are the romantic results.

Michelle Key

Her story: The wedding was at the Hunter Valley 11 years ago (April 2007) and reception at Cypress Lakes Golf Estate, met in South Africa 2004 . We lived there for three years before moving to Sydney in 2007 (July). I love this photo on the steps of a chapel in Pokolbin.

Siobhàn Parrott

Her story: Married 6 years ago in February to the love of my life on little Manly Beach. Then reception at Le Kiosk at Shelley Beach. He’s even more wonderful today than he was on our wedding day. This is one of my favourite shots.

Verity Linda

Her story: Ah, so young! 10 years ago last August. It had been raining all week and then the morning of the wedding, there was fog and then the sun appeared!! A bit soggy underfoot and chilly being still winter but a beautiful day. At the time I am sure if it had rained it would have bothered me, but still the best decision of my life. Thankfully I didn’t realise the morning of our wedding my hubby had locked himself out of our apartment while taking out the rubbish in preparation for us being away for two weeks and I was over at my Mum’s. He tried to call me but I missed the call. Thankfully it was a short walk to the real estate agent for him to get a spare key!

Karen Connell

Her story: Married 17 years ago at the Shore school chapel in North Sydney. I arrived by horse and carriage (my dream) and we left in it. It dropped us at Blues point to go by boat to our reception at the Watersedge restaurant at Pier one. We were both still very young at 21 & 23. Oh and you can’t tell in this photo but it was about 40c that day, this was before the summer storm rolled in. I had sweat dripping down my legs during the service!


Elizabeth Kelly

Her story: This is me on my wedding day back in 2010! We had a lunchtime wedding on a Friday by the river down at a Berowra Waters Inn. The comb was so special – we went to Japan just after getting engaged so this is the piece that really set the tone for the entire colour palette!

Kris Mas

Her story: This photo is from 2013 in Maui, Hawaii. Eleven years together this October and 2 babies!

Alana Lindsay

Her story: Married in 2013 in our mid 20s after meeting as teenagers! This was the bush just behind Wahroonga near where we both grew up. Two kids in and countless interstate moves, this day feels so long ago now!

Liesel Paff

Her story: Love our wedding pictures in beautiful New Zealand. Such special memories. It was a little chilly, but oh so beautiful, taken from a helicopter flight to Mt Roy!

Simeon D’Arcy

Her story: Our photo looks old fashioned now! 17 years next month I married my own Mark D’Arcy. We were engaged after 3 months and he said he’d been thinking about proposing for a “while”

Danielle Guinea

Her story: Met my Aussie in Boston, got married in Texas, now living in Sydney with a 2.5 year old munchkin. Crazy how much can change so quickly. Loving every moment.

Lara Bassell

Her story: We’ve had 6 years married, 12 years together and now three beautiful babies together.

Laura Fernandez

Her story: 12 years together, married for 7, and just had our third child.

Deepthi Janakiram Yerramilli

Her story: Together for 10 years, got married nearly 8 years ago in India. We got married in typical South Indian style wedding, now with 2 kids both boys! 10 yrs and 11 weeks..

Sue Ross

Her story: Together for 13 years before getting married.  Now been married for 3 years and have a beautiful 2year old

Christine O’Connell

Her story: Married 27 years ago this November. Where have the years gone!

Natalie Robbins Koomen

Her story: My girls love playing dress ups in my dress.

Marnie Whitehurst

Her story: Just had our first anniversary. Our daughter was 2 at the time and was our flowergirl. We were married in Oxford Falls Peace Park and had a picnic pot luck wedding.

Jacqui Turner

Her story: The day, in April twenty-one years ago, was the most perfect, blue-sky, warm autumn day. It was the perfect day for a wedding, and I married the guy who (I thought) was my perfect man.

Everything was on the tightest budget. A church wedding was cheaper, so that’s what we had (though it was a very pretty church), our reception was in his parents’ lounge-room with the catering from my godparents’ company and the wines from my sister’s workplace. My mother made the cake – she was a very talented cake-maker, so that was always going to be the case, budget or not. My photographer was a friend (you can probably tell that by my interaction here), and I am so glad I had him take my photos. He was talented, and knew what he was doing, so I love my wedding pictures. My veil was my grandmother’s and my dress, just a formal dress, because they were cheaper. Our Cadillac belonged to a friend, and I did my own hair and make-up (heheh, as if you can’t tell).

The marriage, unfortunately, didn’t work out, and by the time my eldest was three and my twins were one, it was very over, but despite that, the day will always be remembered as beautiful, and fun.

I love to look through my photo albums (and sometimes I even watch some not too bad video) and remember those good times. So many people who came along on my wedding day have now died, or just slipped away from contact, but I still have those photos which remind me of those moments, and the connections, and the stories.

And it’s not just for me. My kids can look at the pictures of an irresponsible, young, skinny, smoking me hanging out and being happy with their dad, and smile.

Amanda Cook

Her story: 7 years together and 2 kids later! Married 6 years ago at Miramare gardens with all our family and friends who made the trek from NZ and QLD.

Sammi Dhungel

Monika Crennan

Her story: We met just before Christmas 2006. I was visiting my mum from Sweden and coincidentally met hubby when Mum tried to matchmake me with his best friend. We got engaged after 7 weeks and married after 8 months in August 2007! Happiest day in my life and we are still going strong after almost 11 years and 3 kids!

Stacey Hutchinson

Her story: Will be celebrating 10 years in January. Married on Freshie beach and reception at Pilu. By far my best day ever. Just surrounded by family and friends and everyone soooo happy. (Having my two boys are the most life changing and emotional days).

Thank you to all the NSMs who shared photos and stories. You can see the whole collection on the Facebook group post.

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