Review: Our family test drives the Audi Q5 50 TDI Sport


When it comes to car reviews, top speeds and torque sound great, but decision-making mums often need more practical information about how a new car will handle daily life. NSM Bianka Ford took an Audi Q5 50 TDI Sport for a spin over a few days to put it to the ultimate test in her family of four. And if you’ve been thinking about a new ride, now’s your chance. For a limited time, there are TWO incredible offers at Audi Alto to get you on the road faster- a ‘refer a friend’ bonus scheme with $1K for you AND your friend, and the ‘Options are on the Haus’ offer, which means you don’t pay for options on a new or demo car from Audi Alto during April.

The Audi Q5 is unquestionably a delicious drive, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given it’s won many awards and is strikingly beautiful. But on top of the incredible experience of being behind the wheel, there are other factors that make it a winner. We tested it against the biggest questions on mums’ minds, and here’s what we found.

The car is features roomy interiors and predictive technology for the ultimate driving experience

While driving this car, my kids were thrilled, and my husband and I were ecstatic!

Bianka found being behind the wheel of the amazing Audi to be a lifechanging experience!

Why this car? What makes this car special?

There are very few times you can honestly use the word ‘magnificent’ in a review, but the experience of driving this car is one of them. It is smooth, it is effortless. When you put your foot down, you can really feel the power of the car, but it doesn’t sound like a truck, nor does it jolt you. It is packed with features that create a beautiful driving experience. Here are my favourites:

  • Drive assistance that allows you set the speed, distance from other cars and how you like to drive (comfort, dynamic etc) then does all of the pedal work for you
  • Traffic jam assistance that will accelerate and brake and even steer slightly for you as you drive
  • A 360 camera that gives a crystal clear view of your car as though there is a drone hovering above you!
  • It’s self-parking – yes the Audi Q5 can automatically park, handsfree, front or back, parallel or perpendicular
  • This car is hot! It looks elegant yet sporty and travels effortlessly between business meeting and the school gate, a night out or a soccer Saturday, always turning heads because it’s just so jaw-droppingly beautiful

You can take a look at the Options on the Haus offer from Audi Alto below- if you buy a new or demo car from Audi Alto from tomorrow until end of month you don’t have to pay for the options!

The incredibly hi-res camera give you a view of everything around you and the car

The dash and interior have a variety of functions that allow assisted driving ad parking

Is it big enough?

The mid-size Q5 is perfect for any mum who has to handle shrinking car spaces at shopping centres, narrow lanes, negotiating roadwork, and the busy suburbs of the North Shore. But even without using the self-park, I easily slipped in and out of car spots, loading my family of four and unloading them all again with no trouble.

And like any mum, I need to fit as much as possible into a compact space inside (think groceries, school bags, sports bags, business bags and absolutely everything else we need for even one day out and about!)  The boot is a generous space (I got a Bugaboo and week’s load of groceries in without stacking anything, with enough room leftover for sports equipment). The back seats can be moved forward to create more space and the middle seat of the back row folds to transport long items.

It can fit three car seats, or two car seats plus an adult in the back. If you do prefer to space out the seating arrangements, have a bigger family, want more leg room in the back or carry a larger amount of stuff, you might like to consider the Q7.

Different seat configurations allow for car seats or transporting larger or awkward items

Riding in style in a perfectly fitted car seat!

The back row can fold down for more room or fit three car seats across

Is it safe enough?

The Audi Q5 is one of the safest cars on the road thanks to its predictive technology.

For example:

  • It can sense if the car behind you is at risk of crashing into you, and braces the car
  • If you are too close to a pedestrian or car, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system slows or stops the car
  • The Attention Assist feature will alert you if your attention starts waning
  • The Active Lane Assist will remind you to stick to your lane with a gentle amber light

The sophisticated tech should reduce your the risk of having an accident, but if you do, the car is designed to lessen the impact. I found the front doors to be heavier than my Nissan SUV, which is a design feature to redirect kinetic energy from a crash away from your body and to wherever it will cause the least damage.

The sophisticated tech should reduce your the risk of having an accident

The front doors are designed to redirect kinetic energy away from you in the event of a crash

How does it handle the weather?

Sydney’s weather is about as predictable as a two-year-old’s moods. One of the test days went from a muggy 30 degrees to torrential rain and thunderstorm.

In hot weather:

The Audi Q5 did not miss a beat. During the heat, we had the panoramic sunroof with the UV screen up so that we still had the spacious feeling of an open cabin, but protection from the sun. The air con system handled our family’s three different preferences with ease so everyone was comfortable.

In wet weather:

Driving home one night it was dark, raining so hard you could barely see, and there massive puddles all the way down Pacific Highway so cars were making waves when driving through. The Audi handled it all as though it was a balmy summer evening. While other cars were sliding and obviously wrestling with these conditions, we did not have a concern at all. In all honesty, if I didn’t see that the weather was this bad, I would have never known!

The Audi handled the rainy and slick weather as though it was a balmy evening without a skid

During the heat, we had the panoramic sunroof with the UV screen up so we had protection

What did you love the most?

The incredible features of this Audi Q5 50 TDI Sport work together to make it a completely intuitive experience. From where the buttons are, to how they work, from the beautiful soft feel of the steering wheel to what I could see on the display looking through it. Every single part of this car has been thoughtfully put together and it creates such a joyous driving experience; it is smooth in looks, touch and drive. There are countless winning features, but I especially loved:

  • Massage seats: My road rage was a thing of the past when I could sink back into beautiful leather seats, programmed to remember my most comfortable settings and pick massage function I preferred!
  • The Bang & Olufsen 19 speaker sound system that is acoustically perfect for the interior and has 3D options, which is not like being at the actual concert, but it’s pretty close!
  • It’s affordable to buy and run. A brand new, feature packed Audi Q5 starts from $75,000 driveaway, and the diesel engine is fuel efficient. Smart buyers can take advantage of fixed-rate 3 or 5-year service packages starting from $1,710, or make the most of the 3 year complimentary service plans, available to employees of the top 1,000 businesses in Australia as well as many professional bodies.

Leather seats with seat warmers and programmable settings

What’s under the bonnet of the Audi Q5 50 TDI Sport?

  • Eight-speed automatic transmission
  • V6 turbo-diesel engine producing 210kW and 620Nm.
  • The fuel consumption is rated at 6.3L/100km.

The Verdict

This car is what I would call Intelligent Luxury. Audi is a clear winner in safety and beauty, but when you scratch the surface, you can see that there are very real benefits to extras that might be filed under ‘luxury’. We spend so much time in our car, sometimes under aggravating traffic-filled conditions, so why wouldn’t you want to ensure you are surrounded with benefits to make your trip more pleasurable? While driving this car, my kids were content, my husband was pleased, and I was ecstatic.

Audi is a clear winner in safety and beauty with very real benefits to family life


Friends With Benefits

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Options ‘on the Haus’

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