Prouille School Wahroonga: Teaching with technology

Prouille School Wahroonga

Prouille School is a Catholic Primary school in Wahroonga, and has recently welcomed a new Principal, Genevieve Smith, who is passionate about using technology in the classroom.

As the new Principal at local Catholic Primary School Prouille, Genevieve Smith says  students stand to benefit from a new focus on technology in education.

“I am a tech head – I’m really into digital technologies and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies),” says Ms. Smith, who took over as Principal at Prouille Catholic Primary School in Wahroonga in Term 1 of 2021.

Genevieve Smith new prinicpal at Prouille

Prouille School’s Principal believes in integrating teaching and tech

Ms Smith said that the world has changed since most parents were at school, and schools needed to move with the times.

“Teachers don’t need to teach content anymore because it’s accessible to everyone from their device,” she said. 

“We need to embed skills such as collaboration and teamwork instead.”

Ms Smith said while technology would never replace literacy and numeracy skills, “it can enhance the classroom so that children get other skills that will be applicable to their jobs in the future.”

Prouille Catholic Primary School Wahroona

Prouille Primary School Wahroonga welcomes all families seeking an authentic Catholic Education for their child

Prouille School Wahroonga: Teaching with cutting-edge tech

  • Some of the technologies Ms Smith is excited about bringing to Prouille include:
  • Coding programs
  • Block programming
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

In her previous position as Assistant Principal at St Thomas Catholic Primary School in Springwood, Ms. Smith says Year Four children learned basic block programming and coding, eventually designing an app to combat bullying.

“It was a platform game that the child played but it was also a step-by-step resource to help them if they were being bullied,” Ms Smith explained.

A lifelong resident of the Broken Bay Diocese where Prouille is located, Ms Smith said she was excited to begin.

“There’s a strong sense of community and loyalty to the school among parents. I don’t want to come in and change that, I want to become a part of that story myself,” she said.

Prouille School Wahroonga: Essential Details

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