Baby Playgroups: Playgroups for babies under 12 months old


Is your mothers group struggling to find a ‘baby friendly’ venue to meet at each week? Did you know there are Playgroups specifically for babies under 12 months? If these questions have you wonder, then Baby Playgroup may be a perfect solution for your group!

Playgroup NSW is a well established and trusted organisation that has been part of the community for generations. Most people think Playgroup is only for toddlers and preschoolers, but it is a perfect place for babies too!

Babies are never too young to start reaping the rewards of play. The movement, interaction, activities and play ideas that Baby Playgroups provide are important for developing baby’s minds and bodies. Baby Playgroups allow exploration of a different environment, with different toys, new textures, colours, noises, shapes and of course, people to discover!

Baby Playgroups give babies the reassurance of being with their parent or carers as they learn to interact, share and relate to other babies and adults in a safe environment. This builds confidence, develops social skills and promotes self esteem.

Baby Playgroups aren’t just for the babies; they are a haven for parents too! New parents who are experiencing the same joys, frustrations and sleepless nights as you.

Playgroup NSW can assist you with sourcing a suitable venue and will even provide your group with a starter kit of age appropriate baby toys! Playgroup NSW is here to help as we understand that starting a new Playgroup may seem a little overwhelming especially when you are new at parenting.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Erika Smith, Playgroup Development Officer, on 1800 171 882 or her Playgroup NSW would be delighted to help your Mother’s Group establish a Baby Playgroup in your community.


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