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Playground Review: Memory Park, Mosman

Great climbing structure for kids to explore
Great climbing structure for kids to explore

With so many great kid-friendly attractions in Mosman, like Balmoral Beach and Chowder Bay, it can be easy to get drawn to the busy hotspots and forget the hidden gems. Memory Park in Mosman is the perfect way to experience the true local feeling of the Lower North Shore with your kids, so stop by, grab a coffee and settle in for the afternoon. Lauren Chowdry from Gordon took her daughter along for a play and shares her review.

There are spaces in our communities that withstand generations and hold a special place in many hearts. The aptly named Memory Park in Mosman is one such space, beloved by many on the Lower North Shore from their own childhoods. The playground had a huge upgrade in 2018, with new equipment and facilities to support kids of all ages.

Play area for older kids

Memory Park, Mosman

Perfect for kids of all ages to tackle

Memory Park offers something for kids of all ages… and hasn’t forgotten the older kids who like a bit of a challenge and excitement!

The crowning jewel of the new equipment is a seven-storey high climbing tower with three slides, a climbing ropes course, monkey bars and anything else an energetic kid might need to tire themselves out.

Kids are drawn to the exciting layout of the tower, exploring the tunnelling steps up each level and finding new interactions as they go. There are endless possibilities to the games that can be played on such a huge sprawling structure.

Play area for younger kids

Playing in the tunnel

It’s not just the older kids that are well catered for here, the younger tots have a separate area with a tunnel, slide and mini jungle gym. It’s the perfect height for babes that have just learnt to walk or kids who aren’t so comfortable with heights quite yet. There is a set of three swings, including one for toddlers and a large net swing.

Perfect place for picnics

Just outside the gated playground there is a little grassed area with good shade and picnic tables. In the school holidays, you’ll find local kids riding their bikes here and parents catching up over a coffee from one of the local cafes.

Memory Park, Mosman

As if this wasn’t enough fun, there is also a small basketball court for practising those free throws.

Plan your trip…

Parents will love the access to great coffee and essential shops like pharmacies and greengrocers, which are only 100 metres from the playground.

Features include:

  • Playground is fully fenced
  • Benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Lots of natural shade from the trees

The playground is gated for safety, with bench seats and picnic tables both inside and outside the gates. Currently (April 2022) there are no toilets at the park but there are works soon to be completed which will provide facilities just outside the fenced area.

Getting to Memory Park, Mosman

Parking is not ideal as it largely relies on two-hour unmetered street parking. There is a small carpark that caters to the local shops just off Avenue Road on Ballantyne Street which may have a spot or two spare. However, if you struggle for a park directly outside the playground, it’s only a short flat walk down Wolger Road where there are more available parks.

Busses stop along Military Road, then a 10-minute pram-friendly walk will bring you to the playground.

Essential Details: Memory Park, Mosman

  • Address: Lot 1, Cowles Road, Mosman
  • Council: Mosman Council
  • Parking: Timed car park
  • Toilets: No (but in the works!)
  • Facilities: Fully fenced, benches, picnic table
  • Sunshade: Natural shade from the trees
  • Enclosed: Yes
  • Seats: Tables
  • Nearby Refreshments: cafes and shops just 100m down the road

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