Get through December with these fun Elf on the Shelf ideas!

An Elf on the Shelf makes a great Christmas tradition! Basically, it’s a little toy elf who is sent to you home to keep an eye on your children before Santa’s big arrival on Christmas Eve, and gets up to mischief each night! But as the guardians of the elves would know – yes, that’s you, mums – it can be hard to come up with new ideas of things for them to do every single night. Here are some ideas that might help inspire your own elves at home with their adventures …*wink*

1. Gift-wrapping mischief

This elf has taken some dolls hostage…and taken gift-wrapping to the next level!

Submitted by: Natalie


2. Sky-high elf

This little guy is using some ribbon as a flying fox… clever!

Submitted by: Nataliescreen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-11-01-pm

3. Loo paper Elf

One elf got creative with some Textas and a roll of toilet paper.

Submitted by: Kate


4. Connecting with friends

This elf took a quick time out to play a game of Connect Four with the other toys

5. Marshmallow mates

This clever use of marshmallows gives ‘weight’ to this elf’s workout!

Submitted by: Rebecca





6. Elf on the Shelf

This elf is literally on the shelf!

Submitted by: Natalie


7. Stuck on you elf!

Another clever elf who’s got up to no good with a roll of adhesive tape.

Submitted by: Ingridscreen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-31-11-pm

8. Floating elves!

These floating Cotton On drink holders make perfect tiny rafts for Elf on the Shelf!

Submitted by: Nicki


9. Egg-cellent Elf!

A naughty elf was caught drawing on the eggs in the fridge!

10. Shopping cart elf!

This elf nicked Barbie’s shopping trolley to do a spot of shopping.

Submitted by: Ingrid


11. Up, up and away elf!

These guys used a few lengths of string for an abseiling adventure.

Submitted by: Jana


12. Festive elf!

Naughty Elliot had too many beers and had to take a little nap on the chopping board.

Submitted by: Natalie


13. Poorly elf

Poor Elliot has had a big weekend and is feeling unwell. We think he might have to have Monday off work!

Submitted by: Natalie


14. Elf getting stuck into the candy canes

What fun, and so easy! Apparently if you put it in a jar… the kids can carry it around as the kids aren’t touching it directly. Good tip…



Have you been getting creative with your Elf on the Shelf? We want to see your pics! Email them to [email protected] to be included!

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