NSM reviews: Anti Grabbity balcony safety strips


There’s often a trade-off that comes with an amazing view – the fear you feel when your kids are running wild on a high balcony. While balconies are almost always enclosed by a high railing or fence, it’s still hard to stop yourself imagining little fingers grabbing the railings and curious children hauling themselves up too high and overbalancing. A new product, Anti Grabbity, aims to make these fears a thing of the past. Kirsten Knappett tries it on the balcony railings that surround her high apartment in Waverton.

Living in an apartment with children has its challenges. We love where we live, enjoy the community feel and are lucky to have lots of outdoor spaces around us.

We love our view, however to get this aspect we are on the top floor of an apartment complex. We have always been acutely aware of this as our children moved through the years, from babies to toddlers and now to a 3.5 year old and a 5.5 year old.


Kirsten’s two children enjoy playing on the balcony

We have a large outdoor balcony that we like to use to let our children play outside in the fresh air. You don’t always want to be traipsing out to parks, carrying the mountain of stuff which accompanies that

When I heard about Anti Grabbity, it was definitely something I wanted to try. We consciously take precautions to ensure there aren’t items on the balcony our children can climb on, we ensure furniture can’t be moved or dragged and only certain toys are allowed outside. However, any extra precautions that can be taken are definitely worth trying.


Anti grabbity on the balcony railings

In a nutshell, Anti Grabbity is a prickly textured strip that fits along the top of your balcony railings to prevent hands from grabbing hold. This makes it very hard for small children to lean over the rail or pull themselves up.

Not being a technical person, I hoped that I would be able to install this myself. With the clear instructions provided it was a lot easier than I thought! I chose to do it at a time when our children weren’t around – as we know their ‘help’ quite often turns into a ‘hindrance’. Also, I didn’t want them to see this as something they could play with, or view it as a kind of toy.


The spectacular view from Kirsten’s Waverton apartment

With my covert installation completed under the cover of darkness I waited to see the reaction from our children, or if they would notice at all? They did, for a second, got an ‘ouchy’ when they touched it and then forgot about it. Which, for me, was the perfect reaction – they know it’s there, it hurts and they wont be touching it again.

As a parent, I think that anything that gives you more peace of mind is worth it, particularly when there is minimal time and cost outlay. I feel great going into the warmer months, when we spend more time outside, knowing I have an extra safety feature in place.

Anti Grabbity costs $19.95 per metre, and is easy to apply to balcony railings. Details here.

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