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Two-year-olds and haircuts aren’t often a match made in heaven. In the past, I have let my two-year-old’s hair just grow, occasionally trimming her fringe. And my five-year-old loves her long hair, but can’t stand having it brushed. So when we recently visited Red Nose Kids Cuts, located in the Fitness First in Dee Why, I was unsure how they would go.

Fortunately, Red Nose Kids Cuts caters for children just like mine – the ‘don’t want to sit for long, not that patient, don’t pull my hair’ types. Upon entering the salon, the first thing you notice is the chalkboard and toy section where kids can play while they wait. Very handy.


The entrance

First up was my two-year-old. Seated in the special car seat, Miss 2 was able to watch episodes of Peppa Pig on the television while hairdresser Kelly got to work. Kelly is the most patient, friendly person you will find in a hair salon. I was shocked to find that once seated in the car, Miss 2 sat still for the duration of the haircut. Simply unheard of. I need one of those cars in my house!


Miss 2 sitting happily in the car

We had booked in for the $28 Princess Spa package which includes haircut, nails painted, two braids, sparkles in the hair, a lollipop and a small gift. Miss 2 sat still for not only the haircut, but also the application of the nail polish.

Time for the nails!

Time for the nails!

Miss 5 chose to sit on the pony for her haircut and enjoyed the selection of DVDs on offer, too. Engrossed in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, she managed to get through the hair combing with not one utterance of complaint. Especially as she knew the nail polish was coming!

If you have young children who you think need a haircut but you are worried about how they would go in a salon, I would not hesitate to recommend Red Nose Kids Cuts. Kelly is not only great at cutting hair but also warm and friendly to parents and children. But, I would recommend making a booking … as it’s a popular place.

The end result!

The end result!

Red Nose Kids Cuts also caters for children who have special needs, and you can let them know when making the appointment of any special requirements you may have. Mums, Dads and Grandparents can also enjoy the services of Red Nose Kids.

7 reasons why you should get your kids hair cut at Red Nose Kids Cuts

  1. You will not get any unwelcome looks from anyone when you enter with your kids.
  2. Lots of toys to play with while waiting.
  3. Friendly service.
  4. Reasonable prices.
  5. Very kid-friendly with pony/car/motorbike to sit on and DVDs of children’s favourites to watch.
  6. Great haircuts!
  7. A percentage of sales goes to a great charity.

Red Nose Kids Cuts is located at on the corner of Pittwater & Warringah Road (within Fitness First) in Dee Why. Bookings are recommended! Call Kelly on 0426 893 030.

Red Nose Kids Cuts is a proud supporter of SIDS and Kids education and support services with a percentage of sales being donated to the worthy charity. Kids cuts are priced from $15 and services include:

  • Fringe and Snip
  • Buzz and Standard Cut
  • Style Cut
  • Braids

Princess Spa package ($28) includes:

  • Hair cut
  • Braids
  • Sparkles in hair
  • Nail’s painted
  • Tiara
  • Lollipop
  • Small gift

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