NSM Review: Built by Kidz Parties


Delvene from Pennant Hills booked Built by Kidz Parties for her son’s 7th birthday … and it was a huge hit with both the children and the parents! 

I have one of those kids who likes to fix and build things. He has always been happiest when measuring pieces of furniture, checking stairs are level and hammering nails into floorboards.

Unfortunately for my little fix-it man, neither of his parents know one end of a spanner from the other.

When I heard about the Built by Kidz parties, I knew I had struck parental birthday party gold! This was the perfect 7th birthday party for my son, and I am glad to say no one was disappointed.

My son’s party was for 10 children aged 7- to 8-years-old, and was a mix of boys and girls. There were a number of very reasonably priced build options to choose from and my son decided on making tool boxes. This was all very easy to organise and it was very reassuring that they kept in touch right up to the day of the party.

In plenty of time before the party started, Ray arrived to set up with everything pre-prepared and ready to go, without me needing to do anything. Ray was an experienced and knowledgeable host and the kids thought he was great.

Ray explains how they will make a Tool Box

Ray explains how they will make a Tool Box

The kids got to put on safety vests, goggles and ear muffs and each child had their own individual work station to hammer, screw, measure etc as he explained and showed them how to use their tools properly and safely. The kids then got to make their own individual tool boxes to take home with them. These were all pre-cut and the kids got to glue and hammer these with Ray one-on-one. These were a great party item for the kids to take home and they all proudly showed them to their parents at the end of the party.

Both the boys and girls loved the party. Even though I had nightmares about what a bunch of 7-year-olds could get up to with hammers, I was really impressed how safety conscious and age appropriate the party was and I can report there were no injuries to people or property!


If you’d like to book a party (they’re ideal for 7-12 year olds), call 0452 188 272 or go to the Built by Kidz website. Parties can be booked up to one year in advance.


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