NSM Review: Baby Skills Workshop

Charlotte Jameson from Cremorne is 39 weeks pregnant with her first baby, and got the opportunity to attend Anita Vitanova’s ‘Baby Skills’ workshop last weekend with her husband, Matt. Here, she shares her thoughts on the workshop.

I’ve learnt a lot about getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth… but as D Day got closer and closer, I realised I knew very little about what to do when I actually have a little life in my hands.

All the anxieties of a new parent started to arise. How will I cope with the sleepless nights? What’s it going to do to my relationship? What about feeding? When can I introduce pumping? Do I have to be rigid with sticking to the times suggested? I don’t want to start off with bad habits, but what do I do instead?

Considering sleep and feeding is all newborns seem to do (aside from the endless soiling of nappies), it’s vital to know how to do these properly, right from the start. Anita’s workshop provided a relaxed and friendly environment to ease the anxiety of becoming a parent for the first time. Being a mum herself and with years of experience with babies, I felt I was in very capable hands with Anita.

IMG_9429Along with an endless supply of tea, coffee and biscuits, the workshop had a mix of first-time, second-time and third-time Mums and Dads. It was so useful to have a mix there, and it confirmed for me the importance of starting from the beginning with good habits. My husband and I found the group discussions and the information covered extremely valuable.

This is what my husband Matt had to say about the Baby Skills Workshop: ‘If I’m a general representation of the male population, then like most I respond to advice from others better than from my wife. So I can’t recommend Anita’s workshop enough, to add your toolbox of child rearing skills! You hear everyone telling you along the pregnancy journey to, “enjoy your sleep while it lasts” but no one actually talking through what it’s really like, the reasons why it’s like that and giving you the tools to help. I also really enjoyed that there wasn’t only first time parents there so I could learn through their experiences too. I now understand the importance of getting help before it’s too late and the need to establish good routines and behaviors from the get go!’.

I too am now confident, thanks to Anita’s expert advice and other helpful suggestions from the group, that I can establish a workable routine for both my husband and I, and our baby when it comes to sleeping. Having this information and heaps of strategies up my sleeve has really helped me relax. I have Anita’s number ready to call, should we need it once all the action begins. I’m telling all my newly pregnant friends of her next workshop in Balmain on Saturday 28 June, and I sincerely recommend other parents-to-be attend too!

A voucher to her workshop would make an amazing baby shower gift. As the years go by, mums will forget about what blanket, jumpsuit, toy they got given at baby shower, but for to receive a voucher for a workshop to learn about what to expect after the birth, will be valued for the rest of their lives!

I know I’m forever thankful. Thanks Anita!


If you’re pregnant and would like to attend Anita Vitanova’s next workshop on Saturday 28 June (10:00am – 12:30pm) at Balmain Library, you can book a ticket for the special price of $50 (usually $60). To reserve your seat, contact Anita Vitanova by her website or Facebook page.