NSM Review: Autobrunch at St Ives Showgrounds

Philip Vloon proudly showcasing his Austin-Healey
Philip Vloon proudly showcasing his Austin-Healey

For a fun morning that’s exciting for car enthusiasts big or small, you needn’t go further than St Ives Showgrounds. NSM Discoverer Rochelle Kim shares one of her families favourite monthly events, the Autobrunch at St Ives Showgrounds.

My husband has always been a car nut, so it’s no surprise he hopes to instil the same level of passion in our children. He often takes them out to attend local car events and museums. So, with this love for all cars, it wasn’t long before he became a regular attendee at the North Shore Sporting Car Club (NSSCC) Autobrunch. I finally decided to tag along to see what it was about.

Taking inspiration from the worldwide Cars and Coffee phenomenon, the NSSCC has been hosting its monthly Autobrunch, an event that brings together car enthusiasts to display their cars and share their passion. Held at the St Ives Showgrounds on the first Sunday of each month, it’s a great event for the biggest car buffs, big or small. You don’t need to be a member or have a car to display to attend, it’s a free and fun event for all to enjoy.

The Autobrunch boasts vintage, classic, muscle and sports cars of all makes and models. Aficionados of all types are welcome to come and share their love of all things four-wheels. The variety of cars makes it lots of fun too. Walking around the showgrounds we spied everything from Ferraris, Mustangs, Porches and cool vintage cars. It was also great to chat to the car owners, who were enthusiastic to share their knowledge and what made their car unique.

Brunch For A Good Cause

The event wouldn’t live up to its name if there wasn’t some food or coffee on offer. Onsite, attendees can grab a delicious egg and bacon roll freshly made and served by the Lions Club of St Ives. Your tummy will thank you for the delicious breakfast, but the guys at Marine Rescue NSW will appreciate it even more. Proceeds from the Lions Club breakfast will directly benefit Marine Rescue NSW, so your breakfast won’t just taste good, it will make you feel good too.

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix, the Autobrunch has you covered also. There’s a coffee van onsite ready to serve everything from flat whites, long blacks and even babycinos for those too small for the real thing.

Dang, Ingrid, and Johan from the Lions Club of St Ives cooking up a storm for Marine Rescue NSW

Make A Morning Of It… Or Even A Day

The fun thing about the Autobrunch is that once you finish, you’ll be at the St Ives Showgrounds, which boasts several parks and picnic areas. Also, if you’re lucky, you might get to watch Radio Control (RC) car races held by the local club. My little girl who’s three loved watching the small cars whiz around the track and get some air time on the jumps. Additionally, if we thought ahead, there was definitely opportunity to bring a bike or have a picnic at one of the BBQ stations found on the grounds.

One of the playgrounds within walking distance

St Ives RC Car Club putting on a fine display

Some Considerations

The Autobrunch’s success heavily relies on car owner participation and as such it can be greatly affected by rain and competing events. Some weeks can have an excellent turnout, however others may not. It will really be luck of the draw, but as experienced this week, it can be fun and rewarding when it all comes together.

Additionally, cars will come and go during the event. In the time we were there, we continued to see new cars drop by, so it’s worth coming early and sticking around to see a variety of vehicles.

Essential Details

  • When: 1st Sunday of every month, 8am-11am
  • Location: St Ives Showgrounds
  • Cost: Free
  • More information

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