NSM Review: A Wellness Session at Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness

Have you ever felt that constant underlying feeling of stress or just feel flat and you have no idea how you would make it through the rest of the day? Or just not sure why you didn’t feel 100%? One NSM took control of her wellness with Scott Woolford at Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness in Wahroonga, and she couldn’t believe the changes it made to her overall sense of wellbeing…

If you’ve felt that flatness mentioned above, I can relate – I absolutely did for the week and the months in the lead-up to my appointment for a Perfect Balance treatment with Scott Woolford at Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness.

Immediately following the treatment, I felt as though I’d been served up a plateful of happiness that didn’t come with a side dish of “what is going to ruin it?”. In the month following my treatment, I felt like my feathers couldn’t be ruffled, especially by the annoyances that used to drive me crazy. I felt more in the moment and more present with my children, family and all of those around me. Physical complaints like the intense ache in my hips has been wiped out, but for the most part, the effects aren’t physical. It is more like feeling warmth on the inside, a balance in emotions, feeling like I’m flowing with the world instead of fighting against myself.

Scott Woolford, Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness

Scott Woolford, Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness

The treatment itself is not like a normal massage session. Scott uses traditional methods like remedial massage, reflexology and reiki but he also makes some noises and clicks his fingers to further enhance the energy flow. From the moment you walk through the door, you immediately feel at ease and Scott’s calmness comes shining  through.

The treatment involved massage, talking, cranio-sacral balancing and reflexology. You don’t need to understand what these are or how these works. You just need to relax and trust that people have been doing this for centuries in countries all around the world.

Along with Qigong and Taoist Masters from China, African Medicine Men from Zimbabwe and Shaman Healers from South America, Scott has worked with some very high-profile people including Corporate CEOS, international and Australian performers including contestants from high profile TV shows (Australian Idol and X-Factor) and is a favourite for people who can choose the best in practitioners. Kyle Sandilands often refers to Scott as his Mr Magic on radio.

It’s pretty cool that we can access a service like this in a beautiful pocket of Wahroonga with very easy access to parking out the front and a special VIP private access round the back!

Whitehouse, Wahroonga

Whitehouse, Wahroonga

I’m fairly sceptical but I’m also the kind of person who thinks that if you’re going to try something, go all in. I did and it paid off in spades. You don’t need to check your science at the door – if you accept the benefits of meditation and feel that energy flow is a part of your being then that’s all you need.

Scott tells me that I will continue to feel benefits over the next few months but it has been worth the treatment for just the benefits received so far.

It struck me why Scott likes to work in a salon like Whitehouse. Many of us are quite good at booking in when something like our hair needs attention, and why wouldn’t we have the same outlook for feeling as good on the inside as we look on the outside, to gain that inner balance and happiness?

During October, anytime you purchase a Wellness Treatment at Whitehouse Hair Skin Wellness in Wahroonga, they will donate 5% to North Shore Mums Smiles2U, so they can continue to deliver care packages to children and parents who unexpectedly find themselves in hospital. Lynette Malcolm of Chadwick Real Estate, one of the North Shore’s leading agents, will match every donation dollar for dollar.

To help us help Smiles2U, book a Wellness Treatment at Whitehouse Hair Beauty Wellness in Wahroonga by calling 9487 4136. For more information, click here.

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