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NSM interviews Sam & Snez from The Bachelor!

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We watched them fall in love on The Bachelor, and then their story found its fairytale ending when Sam Wood asked Snezana Markoski to marry him in a romantic proposal in Tasmania. Now, the super-fit pair reveal how they keep those incredible bodies in shape, tell all about their home in Melbourne with Snez’s 8 year-old daughter Eve, and Snez reveals her plans to get in shape for the big day.


Sam and Snez on The Bachelor in 2015

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski know a thing or two about blends. The couple met when Sam picked Snez out of a mix of beauties on the reality show The Bachelor in 2015, and since then they’ve become engaged and plan to become a blended family with Sam building a relationship with Snez’s daughter, Eve. So they were the perfect choice to front Weet-Bix’s new Blends range. They spoke to North Shore Mums in an interview about Snez’s plans for the wedding, moving in together…and working out in their pyjamas!

NSM: Sam, you’ve gone from single bloke to family man! What’s it like living with Snez and Eve in Melbourne?

SAM: I’ve definitely never had the shopping trolley so full! I’ve actually never even used a trolley, I’m a basket man! Snez and I, we’re not living together full time yet – but obviously we have a house down in Melbourne [Sam and Snez recently took ownership of their first home together in Melbourne with Snez currently planning to relocate to Melbourne with Eve] and have the girls coming over regularly, so we have now definitely experienced the full-trolley shop. It takes me back to shopping with mum and dad and trying to sneak all the goodies into the trolley. And your mum and dad saying ‘you kids cost us a fortune!’


Sam and Snez in Sydney for Weet-Bix

NSM: How have you found settling in to a home routine together? You’re both very healthy. Any clashes in the kitchen?

SNEZ: When I’m down in Melbourne I basically do the cooking. I like Sam to stay out of the way – in the nicest possible way! He’ll come in and ask if I want any help and I’m like, ‘No! If you want to help me, you can go away!’

SAM: She watches what I’m doing and asks me, ‘Why are you doing it that way?!’ And then she grabs the knife off me and says, ‘Give it here! Why are you doing that job in that way?!’

NSM: Well, you’re getting along pretty well for a couple who hang out 24/7!

SAM: She’s OK.

SNEZ: (Laughing) Hey!


Sam and Snez with Snez’s daughter Eve on The Bachelor

NSM: Sam, you’re known for your love of fitness and healthy eating. What do you recommend to mums looking to feed their kids healthy meals?

SAM: For me, I mix it up a bit with breakfast, from Weet-Bix Blends to healthy omelettes and smoothies. Dinners are a mixture of leans meats and veggies, or unprocessed carbs. Snacks are fruit and nuts, but we try to keep as much variety as we can in it.

NSM: Snez, your wedding is coming up! Are you planning on changing your diet or upping your exercise?

SNEZ: I don’t think I need to do anything crazy! I am just going to keep on doing what I’m doing. The 28 Program (Sam’s exercise program) is working well for me. I have definitely noticed a change in my fitness level since doing it. I have more energy, more strength and more endurance, which all helps you keep going and get through the day. There are five different levels, which go from rookie to maniac. The rookie level, where I started, is really simple. You can work out in your lounge room so you don’t have to feel self-conscious that you’re not doing it right.

NSM: What makes the program a good one for busy mums or women on the go?

SAM: It’s only 28 minutes.


A post by a member of Sam’s fitness program

SNEZ: You know when it’s going to end, so for someone who hates working out that’s a real motivator. It makes time go faster! You can do it at home so you don’t have to worry about getting dressed in a special outfit, you can just wear whatever you’ve got on and work out at home. You can work out in your pyjamas – I’ve done that!

SAM: I have seen hilarious photos of people doing the program- no shoes on, on the lounge room floor, kids everywhere, pets everywhere. But they find their 28 minutes every day!

NSM: Snez, with a young daughter, how will you make sure she is healthy and has positive body image?

SNEZ: With children you lead by example. Eve watches Sam do lots of exercise, and she watches me try to stay active. We make it fun for her – we’ll go to the park, have a run around.

NSM: Sam, what are come common mistakes you’ve seen people make when it comes to their diet and fitness?

SAM: As a society we eat far too much deep fried food, too much processed food, too much packaged food. We don’t make the time or don’t get organised enough to make things from scratch. We don’t have anywhere near as many vegetables in our diet as we should have, we drinks things with lots of added sugar…the list goes on. To be healthier, it’s about balance – and the more you do it, the better you feel!

NSM: You work together on Sam’s fitness program 28 By Sam Wood, now you’ve teamed up to promote Weet-Bix…is there anything you don’t do as a couple? What made you choose this project?

SAM: It’s a brand we grew up knowing and loving. We get approached to do things a lot – Snez gets approached to do fashion stuff and I get approached to sports and fitness stuff – but this is just one of those things we both really love.

  • 28 By Sam Wood is a fitness program that requires 28 minutes of commitment a day for 28 days. The app has 5000 people participating per month. Find out more about the program here.
  • The Weet-Bix Blends range includes Cranberry + Coconut, Multi-Grain, Hi-Bran + Honey and Energize Protein. Find out more about the range here.
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