North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction: 80 prizes! Bid now

North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction is open now for bidding

The North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction is here! While the charity’s popular movie night fundraiser has been postponed for 2020 due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, you can still get bidding and support a worthy cause…while bagging a bargain or a much-needed treat. There’s 0ver 80 prizes to bid on, so get clicking!

Most of us have been faced with an unexpected trip the the emergency department. Often it’s a scary experience that sees you scrambling in your bag for coins to scrape up money for a vending machine snack or shivering because you had no time to grab a jacket. Knowing this, and having faced the long anxious hours of waiting themselves, the North Shore Mums Smiles2U team made it their mission to source and supply bags of treats for kids in emergency, helping them feel more cheerful and at ease. 

North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction

The North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction supports sick kids

Donations for the North Shore Mums Smiles2U Online Auction have come flooding in, showing once again that even in tough times our generous community is willing to support others.

This year, there’s $25,000 worth of prizes up for grabs in the online auction.

The Online Auction is vital to ensuring Smiles2U can continue providing care packs to children and parents in Emergency departments of hospitals across the Sydney Metro and Central Coast.

Smiles2U Online Auction: Just a few things you can bid for!

north shore mums smiles 2u online auction

About North Shore Mums Smiles2U

Hospital visits for many people can be a stressful and traumatic experience. North Shores Mums Smiles2U is all about bringing care and comfort to many children, adults and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day.

Smiles2U has created packages to suit everyone’s needs when disaster strikes. These packs have been carefully put together with items to support the patient with comfort and care whilst going through a very challenging time in their lives.

The demand for the care packs is growing and we need YOUR support to help us continue the good work we do in the local hospitals.

Smiles2U now supports 8 local hospitals:

  • RNSH Sydney
  • WISE Specialist Emergency Clinic
  • Ryde Hospital
  • The SAN
  • Hornsby Hospital
  • Gosford Hospital
  • Wyong Hospital
  • John Hunter Children’s Hospital

Smiles2U operates entirely on donations and sponsorship, and everyone who makes the magic happen does so on a volunteer basis. The group aim to bring joy, happiness and positive change to sick kids in hospital.

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