Happy Birthday! North Shore Mums turns 10 years old…

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On 28 May 2022, North Shore Mums celebrates it’s 10th Birthday! Over the last ten years, North Shore Mums has become the “go to” for advice, recommendations and inspiration for families across the North Shore.

How did North Shore Mums start?

North Shore Mums launched as a Facebook group on 28 May 2012, after Rachel Chappell moved to the North Shore with her young family – husband, toddler and baby. She’d lived never lived on the North Shore as a parent before, and wanted to connect with other local mums, and get trusted recommendations for things to do and local services. At the time, there were no websites, forums or Facebook groups that catered to local  families so, on a whim, Rachel decided to create a Facebook group… and she called it North Shore Mums.

The first ever post on North Shore Mums facebook group


Article in North Shore Times

The group grew quickly, with new members adding local friends, and it soon became the online destination for support and information. With a background in magazine marketing, Rachel decided to launch a parenting website to complement the group. She worked on the website solo for a year or so, before adding a casual employee. Once pregnant with her third child, she knew she’d need more help, so added an Editor and Advertising Manager to the staff too.

Moderators out for dinner in Wahroonga in 2015

Fun facts & highlights

  • In the last 12 months, the North Shore Mums website has had over 2.14 million page views!
  • In the last 12 months, the North Shore Mums Facebook group has had 16,335 posts with 230,111 comments and 455,453 reactions. Each post gets around 14 comments.
  • We proudly support all the endeavours and initiatives of North Shore Mums Smiles2U, run by Michelle Key, Sarah Bates and Natalie Miles.
  • North Shore Mums has supported many charities – either by running fundraising campaigns for them or providing free promotion and support – organisations like Cancer Council (Stars of the North), Dress for Success, Streetwork, Gidget Foundation, Hamlin Fistula, Tresillian, Neuroblastoma, Women’s Refuge, Hornsby Kuringai Women’s Shelter, Lifeline, Novus Foundation and the 2020 bushfires.
  • North Shore Mums has been the Media Partner for major events across the North Shore – Festival on the Green, Wahroonga Food & Wine Festival, St Ives Food & Wine Festival, North Sydney Children’s Festival, Emerge Festival, Neuroblastoma Run2Cure, Cambadge Court Christmas Lights.
  • We’ve recently launched a podcast, called The Parenting Couch! Subscribe here.
  • We’ve run lots of events over the years too! Vivid Family Cruises, Frozen 2 Special Screenings, Book Launch Events, Women’s Day Festival Talks, Hi 5 Party, Cocktail Parties, Bollywood Night, Biggest Morning Teas, Kids Parties in the Park, Smiles2U Movie Nights and many more…
  • Finalist in Local Business Awards & AusMumpreneur, and winner of Local Woman of the Year.

Website team in 2020

Mums share how North Shore Mums have helped them

‘It’s my one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING life-related. You have created a real community, promoting and supporting local businesses and offering us (the readers) invaluable tips, suggestions and awareness of what’s going on around us. Thank you!’ – Dimity, Cremorne.

‘North Shore Mums has provides a fountain of knowledge on everything from local specialists, to schools, to parenting advice that’s relevant to me. It’s a wonderful community and it’s my go- to directory for pretty much everything!’ – Eleanor, Wahroonga.

‘North Shore Mums gives the feeling of being in a community, in a society where we so often feel alone. The comfort of knowing others are going through the same stages, while receiving advice from more experienced mothers and able to share our own experiences. It is the modern way to have the best of ages gone by.’ – Felicity, Killara.

‘I love that so many great hints and tips are provided for outings, day trips and fun things to do with kids. The fact that so many if these ideas have been tried and tested is an added bonus! I can easily read the review and find what I am looking for or get new ideas inspirations… thank you North Shore Mums!!’ – Fiona, Eastwood.

‘I love the amazing articles in the best places to eat with families and new parks! A wealth of information. I don’t Google I NSM Search!’ – Jastine, Lane Cove North.

Christmas Party 2016

‘I love seeing the support for others within the community. I’ll often just scroll through the comments and be genuinely moved by the words of comfort and the empathy shown.’ – Jemma, St Ives.

‘I always refer to North Shore Mum’s as ‘the fountain of all knowledge’ my first port of call for such a vast array of information!’ – Jessica, Wahroonga.

‘When we moved into the area North Shore Mums has helped me navigate settling into our new life on the North Shore, now I use it for everything from holiday ideas to finding plumbers! A wonderful resource.’ -Julie-anne, Greenwich.

‘North Shore Mums is a caring and compassionate hive mind of mums who are ready and willing to share their collective wisdom to help you through whatever dilemma – big or small – you face on the motherhood journey. It’s a problem-solving force to be reckoned with. I am thankful to have timed having a young family after North Shore Mums came into existence.’ – Katie, Killara.

‘The sense of community that North Shore Mums encompasses and suggestions of activities to do with the kids (wet weather ideas & playgrounds!)’ – Krissy, Manly.

‘It is the best and only spot I go to for lots of information about living on the north shore with kids. And so accessible and wonderfully supportive community. Very relevant and helpful content.’ – Lilian, Lindfield.

‘All the recommendations for playgrounds- both indoor and outdoor. I would never have known about half of them without your website! So thank you.’ – Lily, Carlingford.

‘We moved into the North Shore at the start of 2020 and North Shore Mums has been my absolute go-to for everything. From finding the best playgrounds and cafes on the website, to connecting with other mums on the Facebook group about my family & work issues… I just love that it’s my go-to for all things life-related.’ – Lourdes, North Wahroonga.

Smiles2U Movie Night

‘I’m alerted to very cool family events that I don’t otherwise hear about, a lot of which won’t break the bank! Very handy when you’re on a budget.’ – Meg, Castlecrag.

‘That I don’t need to leave the house to get some good advice and realise that I’m not alone! Also links to the best kids friendly playground, restaurants etc in the area.’ – Meriki, St Ives.

‘It’s my go-to when I need any recommendations for restaurants, kids’ activities, entertainment options or anything else. The North Shore Mums e-newsletter is also great for keeping up to date with the latest happenings around the North Shore.’ – Mimi, Hornsby.

‘I moved to the area 5 years ago and North Shore Mums has been a fantastic guide. It has helped me discover new parks and playgrounds for my daughter, as well as child friendly cafes etc. It’s helped me feel comfortable and confident (especially being a new mum). I love the variety of posts and recommendations in the group. It’s my go to when I need some great ideas and advice.’ – Patricia, St Ives.

‘Amazing tips local to my Shire and never disappointed as a mum! My son’s play dates and birthday parties have never been organised without a look through North Shore Mums’s amazing website.’ – Prerna, Hornsby.

Wahroonga Food & Wine Festival 2019

‘I love that I’m always able to get weekend activity inspiration for all weather for the kids and our family. They always provide up to date information. Yay! For North Shore Mums! Makes my life easier.’ – Rachel, Northbridge.

‘I love the community! So many women being open and vulnerable asking for help or advice about things they are struggling with and so many beautiful people answering and supporting in such an empathetic and heartfelt way! You don’t find communities like these very often on the internet.’ – Tina, Mosman.

‘I love that North Shore Mums seems to be a platform where mums can ask questions without getting judged. And most responses are so encouraging and thoughtful. It does feel like mums there are there to help each other out. I also love the articles being posted there such as the playground reviews and kids friendly cafes/places.’ – Vanessa, Roseville.

‘All the latest things to do with my kids that our relevant to our local area. One stop shop for info!’ – Yvonne, Neutral Bay.

Listen to The Parenting Couch podcast

In the very first episode of The Parenting Couch podcast, Rachel shares the story about how North Shore Mums was created… as well as how she juggles work and family, dealing with sibling rivalry and the transition from primary school to Year 7.

A big THANK YOU to the ladies who make it happen

North Shore Mums wouldn’t be what it is today without an INCREDIBLE team of wonderful ladies who together keep it all ticking over smoothly. A big thank you to…

  • The 37,500 women in our Facebook group who freely share their advice, recommendation and support to other mums. Despite the size of the group, it remains a very supportive and positive online spot for mums to connect.
  • Website team – Felicity Frankish (Editor), Bianka Ford (Business Marketing Specialist), Rosheel Panopia (Executive Assistant), Shirley Undicimio (Vitrual Assistant)… plus those who have moved on, Lucy Chesterton, Maryka Stalley, Elizabeth Latham, Natasha Shaw & Kate Parker.
  • The incredible moderators in our Facebook group – Henny Stier, Michelle Key, Alison Rashford, Laura Martrljan, Leesa Hopwood. Plus all the ladies who helped moderate the group in the early years – Sarah Collison, Josy Adams, Julie Attwood, Stephanie Dolman, Rach McKenny and Karina Gorfin.
  • Thanks to all the contributors and North Shore Mums Discoverers to the website, who write article, reviews and listicles!
  • Amazing website designer, Heidi Good, from WoofByte.
  • Digital marketing expert, Paula Agius from Social Cocktails
  • Accountant Julie Attwood.

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