North Shore Mums: Facebook Group Member Insights


The North Shore Mums Facebook group launched in May 2012, and was the first dedicated parenting group for mums on Sydney’s North Shore. Over the last eight years, it has grown to 35,000 members. The group is for mums who live, work or play on the North Shore, and want to connect with like-minded women.

The North Shore Mums Reader Survey, which was conducted in August 2020 and had over 400 respondents, revealed some fascinating facts about the members of our Facebook group.

Engagement in the North Shore Mums Facebook group

How would you describe yourself as a member of our Facebook group?

Members were asked to select the best statement that fitted their activity in the group. Interestingly, only 13% of members regularly contribute to the group. There are many members who enjoy visiting the group and reading the posts, but don’t comment. This isn’t surprising, given the size of the group and concerns for privacy that many people have.

I’m active in the group! I post questions and reply with comments to others 13%
I’m semi-active. I read the posts, and only comment if I really feel like I have something to offer 51%
I enjoy reading the posts, but rarely or never comment 30%
I’m a member, but I haven’t been to the group in a few months 4%
Only use for business 2%


Reasons for visiting the North Shore Mums Facebook group

What do you mainly use the North Shore Mums Facebook group for? Tick all that apply.

  1. Ideas for things to do & places to visit = 75%
  2. Recommendations for local businesses & product advice = 68%
  3. To feel connected with my local community & other parents = 558
  4. Parenting advice (e.g. baby sleeping, school choice, bullying, development) = 40%
  5. To stay in touch with what’s important and current issues = 26%
  6. To provide support & help to other mums = 25%
  7. For the drama! = 14%
  8. Medical advice & suggestions = 8%
  9. To meet other mums and make friends (online or in real life!) = 6%
  10. To raise awareness and support a cause that I’m passionate about = 3%

Opinions about the Facebook group

Let us know how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements about the North Shore Mums Facebook group.

Statement Strongly agree Agree Neutral / Unsure Disagree
Strongly disagree
Overall, it’s positive and supportive community 34% 55% 9% 2% 0%
The group rules are reasonable and fair 42% 50% 7% 1% 0%
I feel safe in the group 31% 49% 17% 3% 0%
Heated posts are dealt with quickly by the moderators 23% 42% 34% 2% 0%
The group has made motherhood better for me 15% 41% 40% 4% 0%


Looking for local businesses in the Facebook group

If you’re looking for recommendations for local businesses, services or product advice, how would you use the North Shore Mums Facebook group?

We were delighted to see that 83% of our readers will first search for their question before posting it to the group, thus reducing repetivity of the same questions being asked over and over again. Only 10% post without searching first.


Business Hour

We run a Business Hour in our Facebook group twice per month, when local businesses who advertise on our website can do a free post in the group. Do you think this is too much, not enough or just right?

We run Business Hour in our group twice per month, which is an extra opportunity for businesses who advertise on our website to get extra exposure in the group. It’s a delicate balance to ensure we keep our valued clients happy, as well as the members of our group not feeling like it’s too much. It seems that twice a month is a great compromise for both!

As a member of the group, what do you think about Business Hour? Tick all that apply.

I like to support other local businesses and North Shore Mums 55%
I like seeing what businesses are up to, and any special offers 44%
I’m not really aware of Business Hour 20%
I’ve used a local business after seeing them post during Business Hour 18%


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