North Shore Mums 10th Anniversary Video

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In celebration of our 10th year, we’re creating a video which showcases how North Shore Mums has helped our local mums in their parenting journey. And we would love to feature REAL comments from REAL mums.

We would be so incredibly grateful if you could spare a few minutes to record a short video of you sharing a little snippet into how North Shore Mums has helped you in your parenting journey. Keep it natural, real and upbeat! Just be yourself.

We’ll share the video on our website & social media.

What do you need to say? 

We only need a super short snippet from you! It only needs to be a couple of sentences or even a few words! Around 10-15 seconds is ideal.

In your video, please answer one of these questions:

  • How has North Shore Mums helped your parenting journey?
  • What do you like best about the North Shore Mums website, and why?

How to film?

When you film please ensure you film in LANDSCAPE (not portrait). This means, hold your phone horizontally. We want this to look good on TV screens.

You can either film yourself (either with a stand or selfie) or ask someone (partner, child!) to film you.

Hold the phone horizontally when you film

How to share your video?


As video files can be quite large (and we want a high res version), it is ideal if you can Upload your video directly to our Dropbox folder. You don’t need a Dropbox account, or need to be signed into one, to respond to a file request. However, if you do have a Dropbox account, you can sign in and upload files right from your account.


If you are unable to upload the file to DropBox, email via WeTransfer to


Please submit your video by 9am Monday 23 May 2022!
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